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    GU 08 tp mod adamant bars echo team stem echo lite forks hope hub laced onto tryall rim fornt disc brake bb7 with xtr lever rear magura with coust pads and cnc backings tensile crancks and fsa platunim bb dx32 rim laced onto a tryall hub tartybikes chainstay proctectors
  1. im coming love stoke hope we can get a good ride on the go i would say all the brum lads can go so ye come on lads cheers dec
  2. Beau Memorial Street Ride...

    ye ye same as onza boy jake dibz on a lift if you dont mind kyle you legend cheers ye i dont mind where it is go anywhere up for bristol though never being there heard alot of good things about it and ye as far as i know bristoil werent his fav places to ride he told me that his fav place to ride was coventry???? cheers dec
  3. Brum Ride Saturday 26th Of July

    do it be jobless its great lol go come on sat you know you want to dec
  4. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    ok cool cheers how long is it do you know dec
  5. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    will you still be able to fit me in kyle cheers dec
  6. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    ye ye no worries ky-all ma number is 07768300851 cheers dec
  7. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    ok cheers mate where by the gap at newstreet or by all the taxis? cheers dec
  8. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    what time we getting there for just so i know what time to meet the legend ky-all-trials cheers dec
  9. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    ye cheers mate ye i will come with you get lift ye i have a mod so it is ok i odnt have a mans bike
  10. Matlock Quarry Sunday 13th

    ye ye i will go for deffo wanted to ride there for a long time aslong as i dont have to go on the trian on ma own its a bit far boaring lol or i can get a lift pf somone really kind chhers dec
  11. Brum Ride Saturday 26th Of July

    ye ye you know i will be there aint rode brum for a while know cool see you all there everyone bring cameras if you have one i will bring mine dec
  12. Where To Ride Natural In Midlands

    ye i will be up for matlock if people go and we can get there easy dec
  13. First Attempt At Editing

    thanks mate for taking the time out to write all that up for me i will take everything onboard and take it into consideration for ma next video thanks really appreciate it dec