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    echo control 07, echo wheels, front BB7, rear magura w. coustsinks, tensile cranks, tensile FFW, zoo bar and echo stem
  1. Anyone around tomorrows ??? Few of us will be out and the weather will be more relaxed
  2. Plymouth is good, may be out and about tomorrow.
  3. Late notice i know, but its been a while since i was last there and just wondered if anyone was up for it ? Me and Alex will be in 10:30 - 11:00 so normal time. Cheers
  4. Weather looks all right tomorrow, im down
  5. My attempt at being a lifeguard is on sunday, i have to pass a test so i really cant
  6. If it was the 30th id so be down for it
  7. Anyone down for Sunday in Plymouth ?
  8. You need permission ? Anyway you know im up for it
  9. Me and Jake will be out Sunday if your down ? Ride Liskeard Saturday as well then head to Plymouth from mine the next day ? Edit: sprog if your down for the same just let me know
  10. +1
  11. Up for this one , if Jake picks me up on the way haha.
  12. Not going to bail this time yeah im down.
  13. Fancy Plymouth instead , get Jake out ?
  14. Haha okay man , have fun with the wall