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  1. Another vote for z610hx, I wouldn’t run one of those lightweight drilled ones personally.
  2. Should be fine as its a normal round profile tube as opposed to a funky hydroformed section
  3. Love the XTP
  4. Dead image link....
  5. Can you take a picture of the wheel / hub that’s on it ?
  6. Won’t really make any difference to progression ; as long as they’re not hilariously oversized or spinning on the bar. My personally preference has always been for foam grips
  7. Best 24 tyre IMO is the Continental Air King. I loved mine. As above , wont make any difference to track standing , just keep practicing. Check out Mastering the Art of Trials by Ryan Leech and or
  8. Errr not something that isn’t made of mild steel and weighs a tonne. Marino springs to mind ( Ross McArthur ? )
  9. This is correct, 135mm x12mm singlespeed disc hub
  10. Yep , I won’t tempt fate but I’ll just say I’m happy with it.
  11. Some bt raven frames
  12. Highlights of the Mazda so far.... Incredibly stoked with how it turned out! Here you can see the horrendous angle of the number be fixed. Fitted my new KODE steering wheel, need to machine up a short quick release boss because i cant reach the stalks with my normal sized hands. Spent a day polishing with Autosmart Mirror and afine black pad on the rotary, finished with Poorboys black hole and a coat of Fusso sealant. Towstrap and GV lip fitted also! Its Instagram handle for the car On my commute back from work, literally loving this little nugget New wheels purchased should be with me soon.... plenty more to come too! Made a good start on the manifold the other day. New clutch went in along with a 6spd gearbox. Laid out the old ( mk2 ) and new ( mk2.5 ) exhausts. Fair bit to make up between the two, so the downpipe will be extended further underneath the car than planned. Took a stock photo of a kraken downpipe, ordered up some bends and 3" 304 tubing and set at it with the MIG tacking it together. Terrible picture but you can see the rough routing of the exhaust. Extra tubing to be made up with my decat pipe. Lovely Cobra bucket seat finally in, put the original oem runners in with the seatbelt tabs. Seats very grubby again but looks better. Decided to design some new gauge faces , Porsche font with a matt black front and pure white numbers. Needles will be recoloured purple. Also had the excitement of taking the car up to a friend of a friend to get the fibreglass plug made for my lovely RX7 wing.
  13. Enjoyed that mate , we should go down to Redruth again soon I haven’t seen any of those spots before !
  14. White fork I reckon , cool to see a proper old school mod built up
  15. This kid literally asked me if I was Mike Beck yesterday.... naturally i asked him to repeat it for the camera. Tickled me somewhat