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  1. There’s only two comp riders I enjoy watching and that’s Joacim and Carthy. Both massively impressive but I still prefer Watson’s style. As above I’d love to see him on a Maestro carbon and see what he could do.
  2. Got it some new wheels on the Mazda, very racekor but unfortunately scrub pretty badly. I’ll have to roll the arches at some point. got some AD08r on there too so intrigued to see how good they are ! Car will be going into hibernation soon
  3. Finally got the Mazda on the road in time for a local show
  4. So nice!
  5. Big Plymouth ride , April 21st, meet at copthorne hotel 1030am
  6. Seems all good so far. I have been impressed by it ; makes Kings feel very crude in comparison
  7. I’m surprised you’re getting that much flex from sidehopping to front ! Maybe try something a little more solid than some Urbans; trialtechs or similar ?
  8. I stripped all the grease out and used tri-flow as I use in all my kings
  9. 12mm bolt through s/s Yup yup!
  10. I’ll let you guys know how I get on with it
  11. This is what you should be making a fuss about unsure if this is DOB of magnalium rim fame ?
  12. In my experience just get an echo TR,I don’t know of anything else really worth running.
  13. could get a through axle made that’s nutted one end and takers down to 10mm either end ?
  14. yes Luke! Be good to see you again You should