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  1. Theyre both fairly similar specc'd. Strength wise I'd probably choose the Zoo myself. The Zoo, i think, is a 2012 pitbull. Geometry is pretty good for a beginner up to expert although not the most up to date. Would be suitable for an average to tall guy.
  2. Right, can you provide some pictures? there's no such thing as an Echo Zoo! although they are both the same company. Rockman are inherently weak, although I have seen some frames still going now and taking a battering. Echo and Zoo strength varies massively by year ( pre and post 2009/10 ).
  3. Thanks mate, you definitely need to come down our way again...little plymouth roll around is long overdue!
  4. Really happy with this edit , all the best bits from 2020 riding aboard my Crewkerz. edit from the legend Ryan McColm
  5. To be honest I never really notice much difference, whatever you lose in weight centralization I feel you make back in less friction and a freer drivetrain. The engagement is mad, just makes everything else even a 135 freewheel just feel sloppy. Nothing at all, the pneumatic tees are just push fit.
  6. Couldn’t be happier with them , they just work !
  7. I was front freewheel for a month or so, but every other main bike I’ve had has been on a King. Thanks man !
  8. Thanks Ads !
  9. As Adam says , the hydra drops straight in with zero modification
  10. Got a new whip finished the other day, finally retired my cracked and carbon skinned long with this lovely Medium.
  11. You can buy pedal inserts like the old tensile cranks have, it’d have to be drilled and tapped the same as a coil, but I’d personally much prefer this to side loading a helicoil that much !
  12. There’s a pretty poor supply chain at the moment due to brexit and COVID combined. Loads of shops are struggling to get hold of or maintain stock levels.
  13. Think that’s an early frame. Geo is around 1045 , 0 , 390 , 71.5 I think they used to crack on the chain stay
  14. Trial tech carthy rim as mine resembles a 50p currently and one of those fancy new Koala stock tyres.