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  1. Think that’s an early frame. Geo is around 1045 , 0 , 390 , 71.5 I think they used to crack on the chain stay
  2. Trial tech carthy rim as mine resembles a 50p currently and one of those fancy new Koala stock tyres.
  3. - Coustellier pads for the rear brake - As Flipp says , the low upsweep modern high rise bars would feel awful on an older bike IMO. Trial tech high rise or equivalent would be ideal. -The Jitsie front tyres are really good , depends on what you’re looking for though. It’s a super light , soft compound competition tyre.
  4. I used a little gaffa tape on the back of the pad to achieve the same thing and remove pad rock. Seemed to work really well.
  5. I can’t think of any drills , but what works for me and also where I struggle most is switching between taps and up to fronts.
  6. Mines still going strong and I’ve given it a serious kicking.
  7. Another vote for z610hx, I wouldn’t run one of those lightweight drilled ones personally.
  8. Should be fine as its a normal round profile tube as opposed to a funky hydroformed section
  9. Love the XTP
  10. Dead image link....
  11. Can you take a picture of the wheel / hub that’s on it ?
  12. Won’t really make any difference to progression ; as long as they’re not hilariously oversized or spinning on the bar. My personally preference has always been for foam grips
  13. Best 24 tyre IMO is the Continental Air King. I loved mine. As above , wont make any difference to track standing , just keep practicing. Check out Mastering the Art of Trials by Ryan Leech and or
  14. Errr not something that isn’t made of mild steel and weighs a tonne. Marino springs to mind ( Ross McArthur ? )
  15. This is correct, 135mm x12mm singlespeed disc hub