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    Music , Fast Bikes , Trials Bike & My Girl
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    Admant A1, Its got 2 wheels and a font BB7 brake, to stop the back wheel I use an HS33 brake, Its got no seat, that's how I like it! Its got big wheels 26" I've got an onza stem and trial=tech high riser bar with some soft trial tech foam grips. LETS GO RIDE!
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  1. sooo yeah mine is @iamlukemachin I mostly talk about whats happening in the world of monster. L
  2. Hello mate. Hope your well! Did you manage to get my e-mail!?? I'm interested in a swap 100%

  3. Hi mate u still selling A1 and whats the lowest u will go, with be able to buy early next week if price is right ;)

  4. Lovely looking bike! Im loving that custom splitter! I could do with one of those And also how does that front brake hold up for you?
  5. Shit dude! Glad your OK! I will be up for Poole next time lads!
  6. Im a big fan of echo urbans! But saying that the fatty R forks are very good!
  7. Well thats that sorted! I love Marks reply! Hex is good job sorted! Well all the best to him and all that help him out! I hope Blake 7 RJ are OK as well!
  8. Nice Picture Stu-pot I was gutted I couldnt ride! I want to ride Poole! What happened to Tommo?
  9. So after seeing MA at the Bike Show has he now signed / ride for inspried? I see his Diamond Back sat in the vito but I was just wondering!
  10. that is a beauty of a bike! Well done that man!
  11. I run a 1.85 on the front of mine but that is a personal prefrance, like above 2.1 seems to be a very popular choice. and just to add I would say the same about the rear wheel!
  12. Dude look at it this way! At Least you got a shit load of youtube views!
  13. See now Dave when I crash I like to hold onto my bike and stick with it! hahahaha
  14. Adamant A1