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    Music , Fast Bikes , Trials Bike & My Girl
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    Admant A1, Its got 2 wheels and a font BB7 brake, to stop the back wheel I use an HS33 brake, Its got no seat, that's how I like it! Its got big wheels 26" I've got an onza stem and trial=tech high riser bar with some soft trial tech foam grips. LETS GO RIDE!
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  1. Hello mate. Hope your well! Did you manage to get my e-mail!?? I'm interested in a swap 100%

  2. Hi mate u still selling A1 and whats the lowest u will go, with be able to buy early next week if price is right ;)

  3. dude! I got work all this weekend but can do any evening next week Im also off Thursday and Friday next week!

  4. hey dude just checked it! Is there any problems with it and the curcial part how much you after?

  5. hi check your wanted topic

  6. Hi mate, are you going to ride today? Can you please give me your № .

  7. £40 postage included