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  1. Due to how that design works, and with the dropout/disc mount being a chunky boi, I don't think there's any real issue with the caliper taking any load in that kind of way. It's a similar deal to what Koxx used to do on some of their frames, as well as the Brisa B26D way back in the day. It does have some advantages, but as Cap says it's got some real disadvantages too. Getting an adaptor in there as well would be tricky, especially if you were running a larger cast/forged style adaptor. I'd assume that if you could, with the new position the caliper would be in that hose guide is going to be just for show rather than having anything to do with the brake hose.
  2. As you've found already, with the HC3 blade that's just a blanking plug. You can replace it with a countersunk bolt and nut if you want to - think it's M4 that fits, but can't remember for sure. As Swoofty said, the MT5 bodies are a bit tougher in my experience although they are still made of the same carbotecture material. You technically can't fit HC3 blades to them, but you can. There's a small amount of play in the lever blade (in the direction it travels, if that makes sense - think of it as a bit of free movement at the start of the stroke), but if you ride covering your brakes the whole time it's not noticeable in my experience. As far as levers go, it's worth tweaking your bar clamp tension to allow the brake to shift in situations like that. One of the bar clamp bolts will be bottomed out fully if you've got the clamps set up properly, so just loosen the other bolt off a touch until you can make the lever shift if you apply a decent amount of force to the lever body. It's good practise with any brake lever, but especially so with the carbotecture Magura levers.
  3. New pads should help out. The standard pads are a bit more 'durability' rather than 'performance' focussed. The Trialtech or Jitsie disc pads would be a good option to upgrade. The MT2 brakes aren't bad to be fair. The lever blades feel a bit sucky just because they're not a stiffer, stronger alloy blade. You can technically fit the HC1 blades or the Magura alloy blades to them which should help lever feel a bit, but you'll probably get a more noticeable improvement in performance from changing pads.
  4. I snapped 3 or 4 of them (technically the K710 SL) on my BMX. I found I broke more of the regular K-series chains than Z-series HX chains, so a drilled out, lighter version doesn't give me a huge amount of confidence in them. TartyBikes seem to sell a fair amount of them so there are obviously people out there who get on with them, but chains aren't really something I'd like to roll the dice with.
  5. Is there any point in particular you seem to be getting the pain in/through? Where it is in your hand/wrist can usually help identify which part of your setup is causing you grief.
  6. Fair play, that sounds like ballache. Kudos for getting it sorted!
  7. I've seen a bike or two come from a pretty well known brand where the brake lever bolts had been tightened so much they'd broken the bar clamp on the brake lever. They'd been assembled by an assembly line who typically worked on motorbikes, and used power tools to fit components, so they just whizzed the brake clamp bolts up fully top and bottom. Giving people the correct training would probably have been more time and cost effective for all concerned.
  8. After a summer of lockdown, comps are starting to return. The Biketrial Federation UK website has all the details, but just to point people in the right direction: • SBTC Competition - Newcastleton, TD9 0TL - 20th September: - Bike Trial Academy UK Club Competition - Bike Trial Academy UK, CB23 2UP - 27th September: - UK National Championships (UCI rules) - Derbyshire Biketrial Centre, DE4 4AF - 4th October: Thanks to all the organisers who are working to put these events on in difficult circumstances. At the best of times running a competition is no easy matter, so juggling COVID-19 guidelines/restrictions, a compressed window for running events and just the general hassle of 2020 must be a nightmare.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. The online entry form is now up at that link
  11. That's the key word. Everyone I've ever ridden with has used 'back hop' to refer to hopping on their back wheel - in the same way that as Ben mentions, front hops as just hops on the front wheel - and a 'backward hop' if they were hopping backwards (or most recently fakie hop). It's also worth noting that Martyn, Martin, and more crucially Patsy Kensit all refer to it as a 'back hop' in the voice overs/pieces to camera throughout Tricks & Stunts.
  12. The weekly shop rides I go on here start at 6pm, so we're firmly in 'need lights' territory. I have an existing bar mount setup from aaaaages ago, but the helmet light I just picked up cheap from Amazon is dogshit. What lights are people finding are working well for them? I'd prefer one that's got an integrated battery setup rather than the corded battery pack style. I know Exposure and Hope are good, but those prices: no.
  13. Better not look like a noob and call a coaster wheelie a 'manual' either.
  14. Carbon copy of what happened to me and my friends in my second year of uni in London. The agent we were with just didn't bother filing our paperwork for a day, and in that time the property got taken by someone else. That's not the only reason I f**king hate letting agents, but it's certainly a part of it. For what it's worth, it ended up that we got some other stuff sorted out and it worked out in a fashion, and we still had a good time. If you're with decent people, even being in a dogshit house is still fun in a "we're all in it together"/looking back and laughing kind of way. Hopefully you'll find somewhere good though!
  15. I like watching Sergi ride, but I get what you mean. I think Jack and Charlie look a lighter on their bikes somehow, whereas it looks like Sergi is muscling his bike around more. He's f**king good though, I'll give him that!