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  1. Not quite in the same way that you're referring to it, but even the same strain affects people differently. Sweet anecdotal evidence time - a couple we know both contracted it. The guy in the relationship was being treated for stage 4 cancer, and was having some hardcore chemo so had no immune system. He and his partner were both supposed to be shielding because of that, but they didn't really 'believe' in it, so... yeah. His partner was relatively healthy. Over 50 (as is he), but no underlying health conditions. When they both got it he was relatively unaffected by it just having some headaches and some fatigue, but she got into a much worse state and nearly had to be admitted to hospital. Interestingly, he was using a prescribed mouthwash 3 times a day due to the ulcers and sores he was getting in his mouth from his chemo. The study about some forms of mouthwash being able to kill the virus came out around that time too.
  2. Just to clarify a few things - when you're saying "hub freewheels", are you referring to a freehub like a Hope, or using a freewheel on a fixed rear hub? If you mean a freehub, they will generally be a little stronger. The biggest weak point of a freewheel is the outer shell, something which isn't the case with a freehub. The constraints on design for a freewheel mean that they can only make that outer shell a certain size and thickness, whereas for the ratchet built into a hub there isn't the same issue. If you're talking about a freewheel on a fixed hub, the freewheels themselves are the same as those used up front so there's no real difference in that sense. The splined vs. screw-on thing doesn't make much difference. All that will really change is a company will spec either a splined or a screw-on fitment for it. The rest of freewheel core doesn't fundamentally change. Your choice of splined or screw-on will be dictated more by the cranks you get - if you have screw-on cranks, you'll need a screw-on freewheel. If you've got Echo splined cranks, you'll need an Echo splined freewheel. If you've got something like the Clean or Crewkerz splined cranks, you'll need one of their HG-spline type splined freewheels. If you've got the Trialtech Sport Lite Splined cranks, you'll need the Trialtech Splined freewheel. For engagement points, theoretically the more you have the weaker the design will tend to be as you'll have to have a progressively finer toothed ratchet, but as far as most freewheels on the market got they're all quite close to each other so there isn't a huge change there. There are some shit freehubs out there with higher engagement points where the compromises the companies have made to get that increased number of engagement points have reduced reliability, but there are still strong, high engagement point hubs out there. In terms of strength of freewheels, the 135-click freewheels you see on the market now (e.g. Jitsie, Comas) are all the same. The 108-click freewheels are all going to be basically the same model too. Things are a lot better as far as freewheels go now than they used to be 5-10 years ago, so choosing one is safer in that sense. They used to be much more hit and miss, whereas now, to be fair, they tend to be much more reliable. You'll still get stories of people breaking any of the ones that are out there, but that's inevitable with any part. If it was me and I had the budget, I'd go for one of the sealed bearing 135-click freewheels as they seem to be holding up well for people, and you get a bit more outer shell stability which should help long term.
  3. I've got a Supadrive on my MTB and it is absolute dogshit. I believe that hub will use the same engagement system - I wouldn't want to use it for trials. The main issue I've got is freehub bearings on my MTB, but it skips repeatedly every ride too (this is across 4-5 different freehub bodies that I've used, with fresh pawls/springs on each). Whenever I'm putting a lot of power down on a climb, I half expect to eat shit immediately. I wouldn't want that in the back of my mind going for a gap, as an example.
  4. Ali isn't, but Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw, John Langlois, Ben Travis and a few other riders are. Seem to be holding up for all of them really well. They are super expensive though. There aren't any splined freewheels that are compatible with any of the currently-available splined fixed hubs so that's a non-starter. I don't think using a screw-on freewheel is the end of the world though. They're pretty easy to remove if you need to - bolt the tool to the hub/freewheel, put that in a vice, grab the wheel then just turn it off. Even easier if you actually use a decent amount of some decent grease too. About those catalogue hubs: no thanks. I've got what I believe is a Novatec rear hub on my MTB and when it's not munching through bearings it's skipping away. With Luke's track record for breaking Hopes, I don't think a generic catalogue hub either from a dirt/MTB brand or with a trials logo on it (if they've even bothered branding them) is necessarily the way to go.
  5. Cheers dude! Appreciate it
  6. Congratulations My Dad also got married this year, and it worked out well for them too for similar reasons. Was even more restricted for them at the time - was literally the officials, two witnesses and themselves. Business. Time.
  7. That might be worth a listen. It's an interview with the people who founded BioNTech where they go into some depth (albeit not a huge amount...) about creating it, the development of it, how that development is still on-going, etc... That's not really how a vaccine for something as widespread as this works though. My understanding of it is that the aim is to use it to achieve herd immunity (but without going the Dominic Cummings way of just letting everyone die), and that doesn't work if you only give it to the most vulnerable people. You need to hit that threshold %age, and that won't cut it. Couple of other things to bear in mind is that a big part of the problem with this virus is that it's people who aren't necessarily affected by it - to the extent they may be asymptomatic - who do a good job of unwittingly spreading it to people who may be, and the other part is that you never know who may have an adverse reaction to it. "Long covid" f**ks up quite a few younger people too - even healthy, fit younger people. There are riders in my local area who had it in the first wave back in April who are still struggling with lung function now. With regards to not getting it again, my brother in law got the virus early on, then got it again 2-3 weeks ago which they believe was the newer strain that's much more contagious than the previous version. That's also why the "Just let the most vulnerable people get the vaccine" thing falls down as you're increasing the chances the virus has of mutating and then prolonging things further. He wasn't hugely affected by it apart from feeling (and sounding) like shit for a week, but having seen the amount of people who aren't in an 'at risk' category who have had long term effects from it, and knowing I've got a bit of asthma myself, it's not something I'd particularly want to f**k with.
  8. Something else to consider with that is the slight dislocate feature you have with the Tech 3 blade. It means if you crash, there's that bit of 'give' to stop damaging the brake. The Trial Zone doesn't really have that. I've seen a few riders use them for street and end up breaking the lever due to the lever getting pushed or pulled the wrong way in the event of a crash. Typically it's just a case of replacing the pushrod and/or brass barrel, but it's at least a ride ruiner whereas the Tech 3 would generally be fine.
  9. If you rim out a lot, I'd go for the Spanks. It seems the Inspired sidewalls are slightly more susceptible to denting for some, so if you have a history of that kind of thing on other rims then the Spanks would be the better choice. If you run tubeless and have an insert in I doubt it'd be a problem, but I'm guessing from your weight weenie tendencies that won't be happening
  10. TartyBikes have the Spike Race 33 rims in stock, but they are pretty tricky to come by. My understanding of it is that as a normal production item the Spike Race 33s are discontinued, but if a big enough order is placed for them they're willing to do a limited run of them. I don't think they're making the Spike 35s or Stiffys any more at all, so the Race 33s are probably the easiest option. I used to love the Stiffys just due to how wide they were/are, but after going down to the Spike 35s and now the Race 33s I'm fine with them really. I probably run a little more pressure than I used to, but I've noticed the reduction in weight more than I have any marginal difference in tyre profile/performance.
  11. Can't go wrong with Spank rims and Conti tyres. They also have the bonus of working well together as a tubeless setup
  12. There isn't really much point engaging with most of that if the inevitable response is either going to be "publicly...", or just some random conjecture. Couple of things though. "Nixon got stabbed in the back remember?" How? He even got pardoned. The closest he really got to being stabbed in the back was by himself, by requesting to have a recording system installed so there'd be a record of all his conversations. They even scrubbed what would have been some of the most incriminating parts, after first refusing to hand the tapes over at all. "Even the beeb quote buzzfeed on the 'the papers' program now - that always gives me a chortle and a facepalm when they do that." Buzzfeed News is a separate part of the business to the clickbait/listicles side of their business. It seems they only really used the Buzzfeed name because it already had a lot of reach/visibility. They hired a lot of highly regarded journalists and funded them pretty well to be able to do bigger stories and do more long-term investigative journalism. They've broken some big stories and have won awards for their work: "During its relatively short tenure, it has won the George Polk Award, The Sidney Award, National Magazine Award and National Press Foundation award, as well as being a finalist for Pulitzer Prizes."
  13. Yep. Would have taken just a complete GoPro run to be fair, thought we were going to get one when they showed a couple of jumps in a row but then it went back to what felt like the same 3 shots they'd used for the rest of it. Agreed about the drone shots too. Think drone pilots think you have to have those swinging, 'dynamic' shots to make it look 'cool', but it's just annoying to watch for the most part. Same deal with one of Fabio's videos a while back where he was filmed by someone with a drone, and I genuinely couldn't watch it because it started triggering a weird motion sickness feeling. Hopefully they'll have a 'proper' run video of it up at some point.
  14. The Flow is 200g lighter in the claimed weights, but worth noting that the Flow 24" was built with discs and the Alias with V-Brakes. The disc brake spec adds a fairly significant amount of weight. Just one 180mm Avid rotor is pretty much the same weight as the V-Brake calipers/pads/noodle/fixing bolts, so that skews things quite a bit. In terms of the Ion vs. the Flow Plus, the Flow Plus has some hidden benefits. As an example, the new Flow Plus bikes come with screw-in top caps on the forks so you can easily route the front brake hose through the steerer tube. You can't do that with the Ion unless you're able to find a hollow star nut kit that's the right size. Believe that's a tricky one due to the wall thickness of the forks fitted to that bike. The tensioners on the Czar bikes aren't incredible, so being able to just use a pretty conventional set of chain tugs is a win as far as I'm concerned. The other point is the compatibility for future upgrades that Swoofty mentioned before. It's easier to make little upgrades here and the to the Flow Plus than it is on the Czar bikes. The Czars use quite a bit of proprietary fitment parts, whereas the Inspired (and Alias) bikes are much more standardised so you've got a bigger pool of bits to go to. Overall though, both bikes are good. You could realistically get either bike straight out of the box and have a good time on it, which is kind of the main thing really. The Czars are a little shorter than I'd like personally, but everyone's different on that front.
  15. lol You are dreaming, or just slugging back that disinformation. Republicans were/are doing all they could to keep Trump in power, made voting as difficult as possible for as many people likely to vote Democrat, purged hundreds of thousands of people from electoral rolls, deliberately set things up to make it appear that there had been impropriety (e.g. they knew Pennsylvania would be a key state, so made sure that they weren't allowed to count mail in ballots early - as other states did - so that it would seem like Trump won on the day then mysterious dumps of ballots would appear later that they could cast doubt on. They set that play up, and then claimed exactly that as it all unfolded)... There's nothing to suggest that there was widespread fraud of any kind. The Republicans have spent literally hundreds of millions of $s investigating it, and in many cases controlled how the elections were handled in various counties so would be positioned perfectly to find out. Even Bill Barr has said that the justice department haven't found anything that would suggest that there was fraud at any level that could have affected the outcome, and bearing in mind how subservient he's been to Trump since Trump installed him to protect him during the Mueller probe I'm sure he'd have said something if there was anything. Everyone connected to Trump - including the Republican party - stood to profit massively off a Trump second term, so there's no reason for them to suppress it. Believing that Biden somehow 'out-cheated' Trump is pure fiction. Just bandying that kind of shit around is what subverts this kind of process everywhere, and is exactly what c**ts who are trying to retain power everywhere want people to believe. Don't feed in to it. EDIT: Just to add - surely if you did any kind of critical thinking about this it'd be clear that Trump had done everything he could to lose this election? He's absolutely f**ked handling this pandemic in so many different ways, and it's clear from his popularity/approval ratings that since it all kicked off he's just continued to drive down his own support. When George Floyd's killing happened, his inner-racist came out again and he turned off a large swath of the electorate that put him in power in the first place. That comes on the back of generally being a divisive piece of shit for the past 4 years that people are tired of. It even comes down to him not even bothering to keep on message for the election campaign, and just displaying even more of the traits that swing voters disliked in him. For quite a large period early in the campaign, Biden's team didn't even need to do anything because Trump was torpedoing his own credibility by talking about injecting bleach into people and using sunlight inside them to cure the virus...