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  1. Nice work dudes Cool riding from both of you. You both seem to use spots in interesting/unusual ways which makes it more fun to watch. I'm so conditioned to seeing 24's with disc brakes that on one of Zhenya's first clips where he went to back wheel I thought he was brakeless and about to eat shit really hard.
  2. TB aren't entirely representative of this though - for example, RockMan are still making their 24" frames (as far as I know), but TB don't stock them. See also: Kabra, Neon/Because, Ozonys (I assume...). They didn't choose to stop stocking them because they weren't selling (they generally did), just their choice of which brands to work with now.
  3. The GU 24" Dual Disc bike was surprisingly popular and sold out really quickly. There are still people out there doing it, but they're a relatively small sub-section of the overall trials population, and with that not exactly being huge these days it means it all looks a bit small by comparison. Not that it's "pure" as such, but I doubt Jitsie would have made their Hybrid bike if they didn't see some potential there. I get that, as the name suggests, it's a hybrid of the two, but it's undeniably more "pure" than "street".
  4. The last bench line was niiiiiiiiiiiiice! Just kept giving. Keen on the look of the bike too. I wasn't sure if you'd stick with jazzy rims and go for a kind of contrasting colour (although the Fly rims will have nixed that either way), but the all black parts kit with blue frame makes it pop nicely. Riding didn't look particularly rusty either, although I know that'll be more to do with how it feels than how it looks for the most part. As before, cool to see you enjoying riding again, especially with those being solo rides too.
  5. F1

    After I saw the post date but before I saw the 'Edited 2 hours ago by Rusevelt' thing I thought we were all going to have to sit down and have a talk... Haven't seen the race/highlights but read the reports around the place. Sounds like Ferrari are still Ferrari with whoever they have calling the shots. Imploders gonn implode.
  6. The clearance would still be fine for 175mm cranks if you've got a normal trials ISIS BB (i.e. 128mm~ spindle length).
  7. It'll be a Tensile 60-Click freewheel. They have some spares available for them (mainly pawls and springs, I'm not sure you can get a replacement outer shell), but your best bet realistically is to go for a new freewheel. Any screw-on 18t freewheel will be a direct replacement so you've got a decent range of options open to you. A Jitsie Tr1al Freewheel or Jitsie 72.6 Freewheel will probably be the cheapest trials-orientated replacements you can get. There are cheaper freewheels out there, but they tend to be fairly poop so your best off just going for a half decent one straight off the bat if you can stretch to one
  8. F1

    Possibly relevant to your interests, JD:
  9. Fair enough For gearing, I'd probably lean more towards 22:15, although that's slightly personal preference. I ran 22:14 with 175mm cranks on a mod years and years ago and it feels fairly heavy. For getting speed up it was nice, but I found I had to use a slightly different technique for gaps compared to my technique with a 'normal' gear as you don't quite get that same snap out of it. You have to really load it up and push through. It's hard to explain, but basically it muted the trials ability of my bike a bit. There is the chance that 22:15 would on the other hand feel a touch on the light side, but I think it would probably be better than being too heavy from my experience. I was stuck between 22:15 and 22:16 on my Arcade, but I've kept with 22:16 because even though it feels a little lighter than I would ideally have it enables my trials moves more than the 22:15 does.
  10. To be fair, having just had a look at that it still seems like a handy pedal! I've got the Line 6 DL-4 from yeeeears ago, and in terms of the looping function it's not really much different. You can half-speed (or double speed if you start on half speed) loops, but the maximum loop length is either 7secs at full speed or 14secs at half speed so it's kind of limiting. I was looking for a good priced straight up looping pedal and that Stagg one seems like it ticks all the boxes That said, my practise/home amp is f**ked so maybe I should focus on sorting that out first...
  11. Which pedal did you get? Massively got back into playing bass again, for the first time since I decided to f**k a music degree off. Learned more theory in the past 3-4 months than I did in the 8-9 years I was playing back in the day - I wish I'd had the internet in its current form around back when I was first learning! So many useful tips/bits of info out there that have made understanding other things so much easier.
  12. I'm not sure there's clearance on the frame for a 22t chainring on there, although I couldn't say for sure. They're built around an 18t setup though so the different positioning and size of a chainring wasn't really taken into consideration most likely. You could run a similar setup to Flipp and try the Sport Lite Splined crankset with an 18t splined sprocket, then just run a 12t sprocket on the Hope? Possibly not quite as baller as the SRAM crankset, and possibly a little heavier, but you definitely won't encounter any clearance issues with it.
  13. You could do that, but as far as I know there's no bike aesthetics related problem that a can of satin or matte black spray paint hasn't been able to solve.
  14. Incidentally, the new frames are out. Same geo as before, just a new colour and 135mm hub spacing so you can slip a Pro 4 in there nice and easy.
  15. The 20.2 is due out pretty soon so there isn't much info about it yet. I'd imagine it's going to be similar to the 20.1 though - they pretty much nailed it with that so I doubt they'll try and re-invent the wheel. I believe their frames are made in the same place as the Inspired Arcades, so you don't really need to worry about build quality or anything like that