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  1. It's worth bearing in mind which Hex everyone's talking about too. The older generations used to be pretty tight on clearance whereas the more recent ones (since they switched to tapered head tubes) have been better. That kind of double spider setup will get you less clearance than the new school integrated mount style setups, but as before it should be more workable than it was on the older frames.
  2. Comps are a thing again! Entry is now open for the UK UCI National Championships. Enter here.
  3. Haha, no judgement, I know what it has been/is like getting parts at the moment! The pre-DUB setups didn't need that spacer, but the DUB setups do, conveniently. That list you made is spot on though The only thing to note is that as before, it probably won't get you any extra clearance. It's just a function of the stays on the Ozonys being dead straight. Most modern frames have more of an S-shaped stay to give that extra clearance. If you really need to you can buzz a little off the backs of the crank arms with a grinder. I know plenty of people on Arcades who did that with the original Descendants which were a little flexier and had a little less offset.
  4. You'd need a 2.5mm spacer each side. The only 7.5mm spacer they refer to in the manual is the 'Wide' version of the spacer that goes between your chainring and BB, not the BB spacers themselves. The standard spacer (which you'll need) will be 4.5mm. The one supplied with the Inspired integrated bash looks like this - I assume that Extention would do a similar one with theirs: As before though, in terms of the cups it's a 2.5mm each side of the frame on the BB itself. It will be close just because of the stays on that frame.
  5. F1

    More than made up for by the use of a Mercedes double stop pit stop on the intro to the Bottas episode. Such a clever little touch. Before watching the first season when it came out I assumed it'd be balls, but I think they did really well with it. I learned a lot from watching it, which I wasn't really expecting (assumed it'd just be a fairly light review of events, rather than showing Horner and Cyril giving each other some savage digs in the paddock around the time Ricciardo made the switch). They did drag out the Grosjean crash in that second-to-last episode but I can kind of see why they did in terms of how they put that edit together.
  6. They use bushings too (albeit bronze ones, weirdly). As before, almost all thin pedals do. The 'plastic bearings' on the Crank Brothers pedals look like a weird design, but the IGUS-style bushings in almost all other pedals are fine for that particular job.
  7. I'd say the images were better in this one. Without going too Poirot, from the URL # I assume that's yours?
  8. Congrats Mike! @Joe Aston - is it on for the same price as yours?
  9. You ideally need 1-3mm larger than your steerer tube ID, so somewhere in that 23-25mm range would be best.
  10. I remember them too. Seem to remember the consensus was that they worked well in one direction, but not very well in the other direction? Couldn't say for sure though...
  11. Once you go to thin pedals it's pretty hard to go back! I've not really had any issues with bushings on the pedals I've had, it's typically been the bearings that have died if anything. It's a pretty good time to buy flat pedals - plenty of options to go at, and most of them are decent.
  12. Is the "plastic bearing" you're talking about a bushing? If so, you won't find many/any pedals out there that have a similar platform thickness without them in there at least on either the inboard or outboard side of the pedal. The size constraints mean that a bushing is going to be a better solution than cartridge bearing. Not all are created equally though, obviously. For larger pedals, I think the large sized Stamps are a bit of an outlier really. The DMR Vaults fall between the Stamps and the Hopes, and I think HT Components might do some slightly larger platforms but I couldn't say for sure what they are, sorry. EDIT: Actually, the Unite Instinct pedals are 113mm x 102mm x 18mm. A few of the riders down here use them and really rate them: They use 1 x sealed bearing and 2 x IGUS bushings per side, so should hold up well. They're also fully serviceable - Unite have all the spare parts of the pedals available individually.
  13. Yeah, our sister had the same thing - their estate agents were playing her off against the elderly couple who were selling their house to move in to care (during a pandemic). Such a dick move. We heard from her that it had helped a lot, and had that backed up by similar stories from people, so we decided to do the same. The house doesn't have a letter box on the front door, so we wrote a little card saying who we were, and saying we were just giving them our number in case they wanted to speak to us directly. I knocked on the door, apologised for interrupting her (she works from home), said that we just wanted to give them our details in case they wanted to get in touch, handed her the card, said our goodbyes and left. We then got an email from the estate agents saying that the sellers had requested we didn't go there in future without requesting it via our solicitors... EDIT: Forgot to say, this was after about 2 weeks of not hearing anything from anybody. We were both taken aback when we got the email. The sellers had been super chatty on the viewing, we'd played with their dog, they couldn't do enough for us, everything was cool. Now it's all underway that seems to have completely gone by the wayside.
  14. Yep, that kind of system makes way more sense. In "f**k estate agents, absolutely" news - got an email through yesterday from our agents, forwarding a message from the seller saying they were unhappy we'd unnecessarily delayed our survey (which we hadn't), meaning that it was delaying the purchase of their new house in an 'ideal time frame' (absolutely news to us). We've requested info about their situation from the get-go and had nothing from our solicitors or estate agents. Despite that we've done everything as soon as we could (the day our offer got accepted we booked our mortgage advisor for a final appointment, the day our mortgage was approved we got the survey booked in - we didn't do it sooner as we wanted to make sure mortgage was all good and there was no valuation issue, seeing as by that point we've already paid £800+. The house was also still listed on the market as being available by another estate agent, so we didn't want to end up being over a grand committed to a house that they hadn't even removed from the market, despite accepting our offer), so it's a piss take to now be portrayed as being the f**kers here. Just for context as well, reading between the lines from the messages, they were essentially hoping that we'd have completed on their house within 7 weeks of our first viewing. Obviously that kind of turn-around time is possible, but with lead times for everything at the moment being longer than normal because of the level of demand and without us being provided the info that they wanted it turned around as soon as possible, it's a little on the ambitious side.
  15. The Hope F20s aren't particularly big, if that's what you're looking for. I wasn't really blown away by the set I had in general - they didn't feel particularly grippy and the shape didn't really seem to work too well for me (they seem to be really flat). I believe I may have had the first gen version with the slightly different pin style, but I don't think that was the root cause of the grip/feel issues IMO.