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  1. This is well worth a watch.
  2. Pretty much. The RB Tractor hub wasn't great, the Shimano hubs that had that system didn't seem great, and pretty much all the others I've seen since then haven't been particularly well reviewed either. They just seem to be the thing that hub companies do when they know they can't compete with a standard 'ratchet and pawls' combo, and can't work out a way around the King ring drive patent. It's a cool concept, but when your primary focus is a reliable drivetrain they don't seem to be the way to go.
  3. Bearings dying seemed more common when the Pro 4 was first released, but I've seen a few that have had pawls that have shit the bed, then gone through the ratchet and made a mess of it. They've been decent with warrantying them, but it's still not ideal it's happening in the first place.
  4. They released the Elites 6 years ago They're not really as well known in the trials world though to be fair - a few people have used them on here and on OTN, but they're super, super expensive (£450~ for the rear, a ludicrous £160~ for the front) so there's not much point in fairness. Hope seem to have gone a bit off the boil in recent years in terms of quality/QC, but for price they're way ahead of Profile, King and I9.
  5. The Profile Elite MTB Single Speed hub is 135mm spaced, and looks decent, but a Hope would be my choice too.
  6. That's what I meant really - if you didn't have any reason to suspect it was cracked until you took the rim tape off, it suggest it's not impacting performance so it should be fine to keep using realistically. The inner wall is just there to provide a bit more stiffness/rigidity, so I can't imagine how you'd ever have your rim fail catastrophically from it being cracked there. Because of that you don't need to have any worries about going for a move and suddenly having your rear wheel explode due to those cracks, if that makes sense. Both my Spike rims and my Stiffy rims developed cracks around the spokes holes on the outer wall of the rim, and even with them they've just kept going. It's not ideal, but it doesn't seem to be causing any problems so I'm not planning on replacing them until they 'properly' break. Even then that's only likely to manifest itself in a spoke pulling through the rim.
  7. I've got some old Spank Spike rims (not the Race 33) that cracked like that well over a year ago and are still working fine. Is yours doing anything untoward to make you notice they were cracked, or was it just something you happened to find? Assuming it's something you spotted just because you happened to look under your rim tape, I'd just keep using it as it is.
  8. Zing. The vlog version is up now for those with some spare f**ks to give:
  9. The 70D.
  10. A 550D and a 70D.
  11. As well as shooting the video of him, I took some photos while Ali was down. Here are a couple - you can find more here.
  12. There was no edit. smh Ali did a bit of a write up about it for Pinkbike, which also features some photos I shot:
  13. Ali and I had a week earlier in September where we got to film some clips in Cardiff and Bristol. Here they are...
  14. #justrichfornethings
  15. Which rear hub are you using?