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  1. Admittedly you didn't quite go as direct as "f**k you", but "Pot, kettle, black" does spring to mind
  2. To be fair, Sick's social media attitude was pretty good. I can appreciate they rubbed people up the wrong way, but in all honesty being able to respond to some questions as honestly as they did would be dreamy... I agree that they dropped the ball on whatever has happened with Marino, but in general their ethos/ideas were sound. They were clearly into/passionate about what they do, but as with the issues they faced with importing the ti frames they had made a while back they were possibly a little naive with how they did things. They had the 'wrath of the cycling community' from the get-go, even before they did anything other than show a prototype, so I think they're probably fairly used to it.
  3. Are you using an IS to Post adaptor of some sort, or is it bolted straight onto a post mount? EDIT: Just clocked your other thread about it. Was pretty much what I thought it would be, and the advice in that thread is correct
  4. From the horses mouth: "Entry is via the Scottish Bike Trial Club Facebook page, indicate “going” and jobs a good one."
  5. In thrilling conclusions news, took Nic's car to the garage I normally go to. They drove it, jacked it up, immediately said they could see the wheel bearings were f**ked, replaced them and now the car is fine. Funnily enough, it didn't need a new gearbox. Surprise surprise.
  6. It's not the orange it used to be - the latest version of it is fairly red. He's been on that new version for a couple of months now. I quite liked the concept, they used it for some pretty interesting cuts. The logo stuff isn't the most subtle thing in the world, but hopefully once the initial splash is done it'll become a little lower profile. We'll see... Riding wise it was cool too. Good mix of stuff. That frontflip too - hot diggidy.
  7. It did, but he got done over by the powers that be: "Andretti’s hope was to catch a lucky caution and move to the front while the rest of the field had to pit. That caution came out when Ed Jones spun into the Turn 7 tires with 44 minutes to go. But instead of the pits being closed for an additional lap, they were opened early. As a result, Andretti remained in the rear of the field." Seems no-one knows why they opened the pits early when they ordinarily wouldn't have done. Good to know the rules in Indy get as randomly applied as they do in F1 I guess.
  8. Wet track, slick tyres, no tyre warmers, jazz hands.
  9. There wasn't a specific model of Zoot, it was/is all of them really. The mounts are relatively skinny, and they aren't braced or supported, so they just aren't particularly strong. Sticking with a 160mm or 180mm rotor will help get a bit more life out of them, as will trying to be a bit more sympathetic to them when you're riding - for example if you mess up a hop up to rear and hop backwards off the wall, don't just land on your back wheel with your brake locked on. That kind of thing puts a huge spike in load through the mount in a way that basically tries ripping it off the frame, so anything similar to that motion is worth avoiding where possible.
  10. Nope, wasn't showing anything on my mobile when I was trying to get some info the other day, still nothing now.
  11. Unfortunately this place is more biketrials than mototrials, so you may have more luck looking for a more dedicated motorbike-orientated site. There are possibly a couple of people on here who may be able to help though.
  12. If he does become leader, milkshakes at the ready...
  13. Just happened to watch this again - Tyre Jam Inception line is probably the best spot usage I've seen in a long, long time.
  14. F1

    Had no idea about that either - just read the article about it on Wikipedia (for those interested:'s_visit_with_Boeing). What a dude. Slightly on a tangent, but it's interesting to note the parallels with Boeing refusing to accept blame in that instance, and with the 737 MAX crashes.
  15. F1

    To be fair, I don't think they need to do much with the stability. Part of the reason the old onboards look so much more rah-rah than the new ones is that the new ones have so much stabilisation it takes away the 'feel' of what's going on. In other news, pretty shitty about Niki Lauda. Kind of appreciated his attitude at races compared to most of the corporate/PR people in F1 these days. His history too...