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  1. Skipping under high load tends to make pawls hate life too - with how fine that ratchet is I'd be concerned if the tips of the pawls started getting chipped or squared off a bit. Having said that though, we all saw what the dude from I9 said about using it for trials so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In fairness to him the Torch hubs do seem to have held up well.
  2. The 160mm and 165mm Try-All cranks had a shorter threaded section, so they're not ideal with a bashring. Basically, 7mm or so is the minimum amount of contact you want for your freewheel. Maybe take the freewheel off and see how much you've got with the bashring there? From memory the SL bash is one of the thinnest out there, so it's that or bust.
  3. F1

    I don't know what you mean... Ferrari have just launched their car. They've got a similar swoopy (high inboard, lower outboard) wing system going on too. Can't find any photos of it, just happened to see it in a video now. Through the power of Print Screen:
  4. F1

    Word. Maybe now they're essentially the Ferrari B-Team they've been told to use it to see what it's like and whether it'll suit the main team? In case people haven't seen it, hopefully this image works... Slightly better angle: Seems Toro Rosso have got a different wing on now to what they launched the car with, going for that similar taper vibe further out on the wing: Predictions: Dawning realisation of what it's actually like to be in a team like SauberAlfa for Kimi half way through testing, and to just start turning up in the Ferrari garage instead. Christian Horner taping his mouth shut to avoid saying "Honda are shit" after they only manage 5 laps in testing due to reliability issues. Daniel Ricciardo's smile inverting after the first session in the Renault. Vettel's "I'm a fun, cool guy now" persona fully deteriorating when Leclerc becomes the new fun, cool guy at Ferrari.
  5. If you're looking for example images to use, I'd probably find some of one of the trials parks in the UK or Europe rather than the photo above. Main reason is that the battered car and fairly 'rough' looking pipes don't look great, and that might put the council off. Places like Biketrial Academy UK or the trials parks over in Spain might be a better reference, and also give you some more ideas. Concrete pipes and rocks are a fairly safe bet. Lee Quarry have a few concrete sleepers that are versatile as well as being really hard wearing:
  6. CNC-backed pads like the Jitsie Race and TNN pads tend to give a stiffer lever feel. The pad/backing fit is super tight, so there's no bouncing around at all. In all honesty, any of those pads should work well. Lots of riders like the Coust pads (I was never a big fan personally, but to each their own), the Jitsie pads are good too, and the ADMs are pretty consistent. I preferred the TNN LGMs to the ADMs, but there's not a huge amount in it. If you go for CNC-backed pads, just make sure you do a good job of getting them squared up well with your rim. Because there's less flex in the pad backing, they won't just flex to the angle of your rim as easily if they're at a bit of an angle so will wear much faster.
  7. TL;DR: UCI have created the 'UCI Cycling World Championships' which feature all their disciplines in one place. The first one will be in Glasgow 2023. The kicker is that they are switching to one every 4 years though, as far as I can tell. Not sure if they'll do individually discipline Worlds each year in between that, although they don't mention that if that is the plan.
  8. F1

    I haven't as it happens. Just got some Kindle vouchers so might have to have a gander... Cheers for the recommendation
  9. F1

    It is - it's a one-off test livery, according to Red Bull. This was an interesting thing picked up on on the Mercedes: "Perhaps most saliently, Mercedes has decided to break with a trend prevalent in the previous series of launched cars. The trailing edge of the front wing endplates fold inwards, which almost seems counterproductive in clawing back the outwash lost in 2019's ruleset. Looking back at 2009, when the first breed of wide front wings were brought in, Renault and McLaren both emerged in testing with inwash wings, completely missing the outwash trick that the remainder of the field had picked up on. Of course, we wouldn't expect such a gross oversight from a team as dominant as Mercedes. This could potentially be nothing more than a red herring, but could also be a different approach to directing airflow outboard; in combination with the flap adjuster on the top element, it could potentially act as a nozzle, in effect creating a jet of airflow and pushing it outboard."
  10. F1

    So, launch season is here. Getting more excite. The cars are looking decent so far...
  11. "It utilizes the inherent flex in the drive system to transfer the torque and ensure that a single pawl will never take the entire load. This is where Industry Nine claim that their system has an advantage over a traditional pawl system that can’t limit that flex - they say it limits and minimizes wear and tear on the system and provides a more consistent ride." That's where they lost me a bit. They mention earlier in the copy that their hub can flex enough to take the load over up to 4 pawls simultaneously which sounds like it must be quite a lot of flex. I don't really get how that is limiting/reducing the flex compared to, say, a Pro 4? If my Hopes died fully I'd been thinking of going for some Torch hubs but it looks like that dream is over if they're discontinued in lieu of these. Not sure how much I'd really trust them long term with a ratchet that's so shallow, and that's a reasonable chunk of cash for a hub.
  12. The Gusset tugs are definitely stronger so they won't break like the standard Onza tugs, but it'll just be the rear wheel slipping being the root cause. Basically, M6 bolts are pretty small and need a lot of torque to really hold everything in place. If you try and screw in an axle bolt to most trials hubs by hand you'll feel quite a bit of resistance or friction (when shooting photos of hubs at TartyBikes I'd usually need to mess around with bolts, and quite often I'd have to dick around with allen keys and spanners to move bolts in hubs, and that is using a brand new bolt in a brand new hub - just without grease). If you add to that the tension naturally ramping up as you tighten the bolt it means that bolts will often feel tight without necessarily being tight. Using grease helps out more than you might think - as shown here: It's just something that happens with M6 axle bolts and horizontal dropouts. It's why for comp style bikes with snail cams most riders will go for notched snail cams as they are much harder to make shift or slip compared to chain tugs or smooth snail cams.
  13. For the chain to move over a tooth like that (if I read you right) there'd have to be a lot of twisting/flex - you wouldn't need a high speed camera to see it. The Tensile freewheels aren't the best so if your chain tension isn't altering but you're just getting a skip then it's probably just the freewheel doing it's thing. If your chain tension is dropping, it can only be the wheel moving in the dropouts.
  14. Yeah, looks like a different catalogue-style dropout to the non-disc one that ended up on the production frames back then. The old proto at TartyBikes had the same dropout as the production ones so that one Staples is on must have been the properly original one. I'm fairly sure the TB frame was one that Danny had ridden (up until he broke it :p), so it would make sense that the dropout was more like the final one... It's all good - I wasn't having a dig about Curtis/Leeson, that was genuine curiosity. I wasn't sure when they first started popping up - I was a straight up 20" fanboy back then and was totally lacking any f**ks to give as far as anything bigger went.
  15. True, but expressing it as "I went out looking for any black b*****d" is not necessarily the most nuanced way of doing it, and for good or ill people will read into that choice of phrase. Had that interview been done the week after it had happened it would have made more sense, but it just seems weird to do it now for a variety of reasons. Ultimately using race as a descriptor has more impact simply because using it in a negative connotation is a lot more historically loaded. Don't get me wrong - the needle has definitely swung way too far in the way that people are looking to be offended and then destroy the lives of those they perceive as being 'wrong'. He just didn't help himself at all in this instance.