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  1. 28-29th September, Bike Trial Academy UK, CB23 2UP. Saturday features Round 5 of the Academy competition series, mini comps, games, a cake party and more. Sunday features a retro trials comp, riding, more fun competitions, riding, a trials car boot sale and more riding. Tickets and more info are available now:
  2. As Joe said, there's air in there. If pulling the lever doesn't immediately move the pistons in the calipers, that's due to air in the system.
  3. Also, bangers galore. High fives for how tight the editing is on the Chad Kerley/stairs/song #2 part too.
  4. Dave Krone's got such a nice/interesting style. Tech, nibbles, style, pop, bueno. Kind of like a less squeaky clean Dan Foley.
  5. Snazzy setup Have you tried sorting the stripped hub out with Hope? They're usually pretty good with that kind of thing. It's cool that you feel you're riding better on it too. Just goes to show that weight doesn't really matter too much (for most people at least), and that a bike that's well setup can 'ride light' even if it's actually a bit of a porker.
  6. Haha, maybe they didn't then. Hadn't realised they were that long! From memory my Zip was 1040mm-ish. I guess the reach will have been similar, but the back wheel will have been a little friendlier with the BB area.
  7. Nice work dudes
  8. Not sure how active he is on here now, but @CalopS puts in some insane mileage. Worth a follow on Strava...
  9. The geo was a bit different though - shorter rear end (think they were 362mm, whereas the Python was 370-something-mm), and the wheelbase is a little longer. I used to ride one back when they were new and really liked how it rode. Nice and stiff, good geo, just generally a decent frame. Not the lightest frame ever but it should last
  10. The haircut is part of his act though, so that's not going anywhere. His history doesn't really suggest that: "Mr. Johnson’s tenure as mayor produced other costly failures, such as the “Boris bus.” Mr. Johnson vowed to revive the classic model and even brought back onboard ticket sellers, despite warnings from transport officials that the plan was not economically viable. Within a few years, the onboard ticket sellers were scrapped, the open-air doorways were sealed shut, and the “Boris bus” came to be known mostly for its sweaty, saunalike interior, not to mention the 300 million pounds, or about $375 million, it burned in the public purse." -- "He also pursued a plan to build a “garden bridge” over the Thames, which ended up costing £50 million without a brick ever being laid." -- "...then there were the three, 25-year-old German water cannons that he purchased in the name of dispelling possible rioters. He went forward with the purchases despite warnings from experts that they were ill suited for London. Theresa May, then the home secretary, soon outlawed them, and they were finally sold last year as scrap at a £300,000 loss." -- "“He liked to fly by the seat of his pants on things like this, and he was more than happy to bluff or lie,” said Jenny Jones, a London Assembly member... Mr. Johnson, at that time already being discussed as a future prime minister, seemed enamored of the status and power of City Hall, but “bored with the whole concept of politics and taking responsibility,” Ms. Jones said. “I wouldn’t trust him to feed my cat.”" -- Things like that just don't really fill me with confidence when we're talking about something as intricate and detailed as Brexit. He did have some success as Mayor to be fair, but still, he doesn't really seem to be the person you'd really want dealing with high level negotiations with people who already think he's a bullshitter and a liar (the same people he's already damaged relationships with during his time as foreign secretary too). But yeah, we'll see. We're pretty f**ked whatever happens - if they end up losing their majority through MPs resigning or defecting it'll just force a general election, and it's not like we've got any decent alternatives. I don't see a second referendum happening, so it seems that it's either a slightly tweaked Brexit deal that we've already got on the table, or no deal.
  11. True true. When you're looking at the prospect of Jeremy Hunt running the country as being a "preferable" option you know things have slid quite a bit. The thing I don't really get about the whole Brexit deadline thing is that BoJo says he wants to be out on the 31st Oct come what may, even if it's a no deal. It sounds like a majority in parliament are going to do what they can to stop him being able to push through no deal, but I don't really get how that stops it from happening? If the default position is that at that time/date we're no longer in the EU, parliament voting to stop no deal doesn't really prevent that outcome happening. If the inference from that is that it means he has to find an alternative, there's nothing actually saying he has to so again they could vote to stop a 'no deal' scenario but it would be worthless if that's what he wants to have happen. Inaction is as good as action from his position. Fun fact - it's almost five years to the day that a trio of reports pointed out that the plan for the 'Boris Island' airport was f**king stupid and would never work, although only after Boris had spent millions in planning fees.
  12. Well, there you go.
  13. Buy the Federal FTS DVD/get hold of a copy from your local shop/whatever. It's really, really good. Without sounding wanky, it's got the most cohesive branding of any BMX project I think I've ever seen. It's also nice to see someone who's using an upside down tripod as a steadicam film better than all the f**ks with four-figure fancy electronic stabilisers and the latest jazzy 4k cameras.
  14. Yeah, that's always fairly mind blowing. It's even down to the same way that (from my understanding of it) there's no one universally accepted theory for why the shape of wings produces lift for planes. I assumed that was all done and dusted, but seemingly not. Related to the transistors thing though, from that article I linked to: "When they analyzed it, they found that the seawater had dissolved components of the volcanic ash, allowing new binding minerals to grow. Within a decade, a very rare hydrothermal mineral called aluminum tobermorite (Al-tobermorite) had formed in the concrete." It's extremely unlikely the Romans would have known that was the specific process, but it worked and they went with it.
  15. Tangentially related to this, was listening to a podcast last night and they happened to mention accounts from Anglo Saxons who first moved down from further North in the UK into areas that the Romans had left, and essentially inherited all the buildings and infrastructure they'd put in place. The designs and materials (specifically the concrete) that the Romans used was so far advanced compared to the techniques the Anglo Saxons were using they couldn't work out how it was possible, and some people at the time put forward ideas about the buildings having been made by giants and stuff like that. Related to that: Again, not throwing judgement one way or the other, just seemed like a relevant example of how perspectives can change on things.