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  1. If you drove yourself to those shows/weren't paid for fuel you can claim that sweet sweet mileage. 45p a mile, #justsaying In the random accountant chat I had back in the day, he got really interested in the idea that I rode my bike around filming and actually found the rate I could have charged for mileage spent riding filming for videos. I chose not to because it's a faff working it out, but if I'd done that for all the videos with @ben_travis I wouldn't have to pay another penny of tax for the rest of my life
  2. Nice work Ben (and Adam)! Had a really good feel to that video. Nailed it.
  3. Two days to go: If you'd rather give your feedback in person, the AGM is on on Sunday:
  4. All that pruning of Israel vs. Palestine comments on your social channels has got to be hassle too... Can definitely ride a bike though!
  5. Yeah, I got that nice surprise for the last tax year (2018/19 one). I don't even really pay much tax, so I'm not sure what the tipping point is for it. Luckily I put that tax year's stuff through in April just after the deadline, so I found out about it with enough time to put some money aside. If I'd just winged it now, I'd have been fully boned. Another reason to get stuff done early!
  6. It's worth approaching editing any video from the position of having respect for your viewers, and respect for their time. Every second they give to you is a second of their life they aren't getting back. When deciding what to put into a video, bearing that in mind is a good first step.
  7. If your normal work uses PAYE it should be pretty straight forward once you've received it. The only thing is you'll need your P60 from your full time gig, so if you don't have that already it may be worth chasing it up - if you've got that it's a case of just firing numbers from that into the relevant boxes on the HMRC self assessment pages. I had to do it when I had a tax year split between PAYE and self employment and it wasn't the total balls up I was expecting it to be. The online system is straight forward for the most part. There are a few really weirdly worded questions that if you're a tax wonk will probably make total sense, but if you aren't won't. It's genuinely not too bad though - I had a half hour consultancy with a tax accountant in 2013 and I've been flying solo since then. I'm sure if I get audited it'll go gigantically tits up, but hey ho. I've set myself up so I've got a spreadsheet on Drive that has invoice names/numbers, totals, mileage incurred for the invoice, expenses incurred for the invoice and any other info I need, so when it comes to the end of the tax year I can just highlight a column and have the total income ready to go, my mileage ready to go, etc. Just doing a bit of admin stuff as you go along is infinitely better than letting it roll around to this time of year and having to go nuts trying to collate invoices. Tom's right in that an accountant would probably be able to help you squeeze your tax bill down by getting the most out of your expenses, but if all you're really doing is stuff like mileage, equipment and any home bills related to work then it's fairly straight forward to do yourself. Once you've got your UTR and then jump through the Government Gateway ID hoops (which may hold you up a bit too) you'll be away.
  8. To be fair to Fabio, I think he genuinely does just love riding bikes. He grew up riding/racing motocross and MTB before getting a street trials setup - he'd been riding bikes 'properly' for a long time. I think his family have always been really supportive (his Dad drove him to Dressler Camp with some spare wheels, for example), and I think him knowing Tom Oehler paved the way for the Red Bull hook-up rather than some ruthlessly devised 10 year plan to make it happen. In his regular videos he does seem to generally be having a pretty good time dicking around on bikes with his friends. No doubt his cheesier narrative-based videos are more of a grin-and-bear-it thing, but then that is work in itself. He might not have done a 'normal' days work, but he'll have put in a lot of work for Sick Series, meetings with brands, appearances, producing his big videos, etc. Doing hours and hours of signing sessions isn't exactly a walk in the park either - just ask Ali
  9. That idea as far as aero was concerned was blown out of the water by that air dam vs. splitter vs. conventional bumper aero comparison you showed me for MX5s a while back
  10. It is and it isn't in a way though - for example with Danny, he had some huge offers come in right after the April 2009 video but stuck with Inspired for the next 8-9 years. Thing is, aside from something like the Inspired In Barcelona trip or the Inspired In Malaga trip, they can't really offer much. Santa Cruz will be giving him a decent pay day and have given him other opportunities to travel and do stuff so can't really blame him. I assume Fabio will be doing pretty well out of this, otherwise he wouldn't have switched from Specialized as he'd been with them for 5 years. I think Danny's riding is probably more along the lines of Hans and Akkers in the sense that he could have a long career in the riding world, whereas Fabio's seems to be a bit more about sending it and going absolutely massive. I'm not sure what kind of longevity there is in that kind of career, but with deals like he's probably got with Canyon he could be making himself financially set for most of his life over the course of a multi-year contract.
  11. What Mikee said, basically. It looks like that trials frame is a tweaked version of one of their DJ frames, so it won't really have cost them much to do. The forks are resprayed Inspireds so that takes care of the only thing they didn't really do, the wheelset is a normal wheelset (i.e. he'll have just thrown his normal wheels in), crankset is normal, etc., so they didn't really have to invest much money in it to have him on a Canyon 24. They've got a lot of money to throw around and I assume he'll be getting a fairly hefty chunk of it, so for them it makes sense to have him on an exclusive. Another way to look at it is that if Canyon are paying him a lot of money, and he uses that "lot of money" to do more trips and go to more places, if on those trips he's getting clips on an Inspired then Canyon are effectively paying for exposure for Inspired.
  12. Give the BTF some feedback about competitions, help improve things for 2020, be in with the chance to win a £20 TartyBikes voucher - bit of a no-brainer...
  13. He's off the front end of the website (, so kind of matches the way that there are still Inspired parts on his bike now, they've just been sprayed over
  14. They were only available through TMS I believe - they had some made for some of their Combo bikes, from memory.
  15. Was that from your nuts "on account" payment?