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  1. Great weekend , steady first run. Tried to go fast in the second and binned it on the second to last shoot. Always next time :)

  2. literally first ride on it so was a bit sketchy. thanks
  3. HI, injured my ankle a few months back. Been unable to ride trials without it been pretty painful... so clips are similar to previous vids as i have not really improved. Just wanted to get back riding and make a little vid as it's always fun to muck around thanks jamie.
  4. i will try and find leeds before worrying about where to ditch the mystery machine at
  5. mega super HUGE riding!!
  6. i am coming to me and jo in convoy. so some lads from newcastle too
  7. Thanks for super comments!!
  8. Hi Everyone, A few clips from my home town and Shipley Glen. Don't worry no more videos from me until Summer!! hope you enjoy it... thanks, jamie.
  9. Great stuff well even if there is no fun category get yourself there! good day out. Hope to see you there in the near future.
  10. cheers i have just started on here and with vids but yeah al sort it out
  11. Also i helped out with the Biketrial Federation AGM and my parents help out at the trials.... i try and generally be a sound guy so in the future i will calm promotion down after my 'shameless' acts (sorry to the people that got annoyed or offended by them) but also you could have been more tactful- for example inboxing me you opinions. Thanks, in the future i will keep to better morals when online. Sorry again everyone!! Look i have said sorry and i was only trying to better myself- in the future i will keep to better morals online.
  12. fair play i have been pushing it hard, i do see it can annoy people- but at the end i am trying to help trials and myself. Granted my page possibly is more a fan age than general trials but i did put link up to the biketrial federation, and i set up there new group. So i am not just doing it for myself.
  13. so what, unlike you i am not very well known- just trying to better myself!
  14. new hubs coming out soon i think.....
  15. Thanks just need better weather now Thanks bud, yeah my front garden