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  1. Haha you could say that. Keep an eye out from an order from me soon, got a new bike tonight
  2. Very interesting stuff luke. Exciting times. Tonight I'm heading to put a deposit on this. I'm putting a k20 in the back of it well excited.
  3. I actually put it under my foreskin and wave my peen around like a baby in a satchel.
  4. Had my lupo being absolutely horrendously loud on the motorway with my music having to be on the highest level and it was the wheel bearing. Had no play in it when off the ground either
  5. I k ow it's al N old oost But we still use it at work f**k tf so ur still doing this then.
  6. Oh man, gutted for him but why would you leave all that in a van, especially with windows where you can easily see in. Ouch
  7. Dude that's awesome news and exactly what you wanted. Very happy for you bro
  8. Recently done a drive to Cornwall and averaged 42mpg in the z4 which Im so happy with for a 3.0 6 pot. Fitted a new smaller front plate too to tidy the front end up. Well pleased with it, before it had a minging surround on
  9. I just don't care for those films as I am over 15
  10. Had to Google what this end game was. Literally no clue
  11. Thts ace. Nice to see Chris too!
  12. Sorry who are you?
  13. Haha we were just walking back to the car from walking alpacas. Had to take a snap. Cheers mannnnn
  14. Dear God I love it