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  1. Thank you for that dude, I'll get some!
  2. The metal is just raw from manufacturing but thr wood has been stained mate
  3. In with some items randomly placed please ignore aloe Vera he was just placed there when I was moving shit around lol So happy with it
  4. Haha thanks mate
  5. All good
  6. Nah we'll be fine. Life is about positive thinking!
  7. Haha. It's been such a fun project and of course it's helped my welding skills further too. Will be lifting it in the house today with my mate
  8. Haha I'm only joking, I haven't kept tabs on the price. Cheers JD dude
  9. Done. Only cost me £497 in materials too!
  10. He has such a hipster name haha congrats dude
  11. Haha cheers mate, it's going in the living room
  12. Nearly done, got the wood in and cut to size last night. Just got to grind down the nails and stain it.
  13. Maybe it's the ghost of attention seeking
  14. More progress tonight, locks bought and welded on. All mesh pretty much done. Got the pallet wood earlier on for the shelves so will be sorting that tomorrow.
  15. It won't go up the stairs so we're gonna get the lupo around the back and use that as a boost up into the living room through the balcony doors hahahaah