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  1. Jealous of how much room you have for that inlet. I have to hack away at my firewall to fit my rbc manifold haha
  2. Al fel you come across as very weird and unstable
  3. Anyone looked into the whole Bob lazar thing?
  4. Woops wrong thread. But I'm also happy.
  5. f**k you bmw and your stupidly priced wind deflector. Quarter of a grand right there . Should definitely help on the motorway though. Paid a little less but still... £250!! It's made out of mosquito nets ffs. Looks ace
  6. I enjoyed that but as said a mask would be really good.
  7. That's ridiculous mate. I bet you can't wait to have your own unit. Its so childish and pathetic like you say mate. You have far more patience than me, that's for sure. I'd have thrown a wrench at him a long time ago.
  8. Is this a new unit that you moved into or is this your uncles unit? Can't remember if you moved from your uncles place? I don't understand how the landlord gets to choose who's car you have in?
  9. It's a shame that just because the theories were tested Alan deleted the thread. I find it incredibly interesting
  10. Awesome how did you find it? What's your welding experience like?
  11. That is so good for your time playing but please listen to some other music dude haha
  12. We need names Herbert the pervert. What's he called?
  13. Appreciate it dude. Stick some pics up of your stuff buddy, would love to see what you've been doing now. And re join Facebook
  14. More alu practise. Made some steel v blocks to hold pipe too