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  1. Is he pissed because you're working on hondas or something? I don't get it mate. Sucks though
  2. I've started climbing/bouldering and there's always a (different) guy in camo trousers with dreadlocks. Is it the same everywhere?
  3. £1k Christmas bonus. Awesome.
  4. No I've still got it matey
  5. Looking forward to seeing that jolfa. Well I've just bought my mates fairly modded ep3 type r! this year has been amazing for car purchases
  6. I've heard good things about those. And dewalt ones too.
  7. Were you referring to the m18 I have or the new stubby? Think the larger one is 1600nm release torque or so.
  8. They are fantastic bits of kit. That's why I keep coming back for more
  9. New boi is on the right and he's great. Pic taken from Instagram. Really happy with the purchase. Does 330nm release torque
  10. Yeah got it at a killer price really. Was new but from someone on Facebook marketplace. Was just the top and bottom bits but I went out and got the 2 drawer add on from machine mart last week. Quality of it is so good I'm Megan chuffed
  11. I'm car related news. I currently have a megane R26 so that's nice. Also treated myself to a new toolbox. Only decent picture I have of the box. Really happy with it. Had a busy week this week so treated myself to another milwaukee impact gun.cant wait to test it out its the new 3/8 stubby. Had to justify buying it which took me a few hours or so.
  12. It shouldn't make it go up normally mate. I had a non fault claim this year where the lupo got written off. My insurance hasn't been affected at all. That's after me taking out a new policy with another car and me telling them about the crash.
  13. What a band. I love how he broke his arm whilst playing at a gig and continued it on. Hero
  14. I'm glad your new suite isn't covered in sick matey