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  1. What a band. I love how he broke his arm whilst playing at a gig and continued it on. Hero
  2. I'm glad your new suite isn't covered in sick matey
  3. Mate these are literally my hands
  4. Tf is dead mate
  5. This is mine Sinn 103 St
  6. Awesome. Good to see a few people into them! Spent a long time deciding on what to get. Was going to go for that tag funnily enough sam, but man maths kicked in and went for an automatic in the end
  7. Is anyone into nice watches? If so what do you have? Post pictures! I've started to really appreciate good looking watches lately (gerrin old)
  8. How does one sex a tortoise? Put your pee pee in its little head hole?
  9. Was quite a clean cut tbf
  10. If it was marmite it would have been in tother thread haha
  11. Just had some toast.
  12. I considered it mate buttttttt figured I'd pussy out this time. Made that table which went well so I don't want to end my metal diy on a low lol
  13. f**k yeah I bought a press!
  15. Got a chuckle whilst waiting for my hair cut hahahaha