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  1. I just hope your cv isn't written like how your posts are mate
  2. Thanks haha I moved 90 miles for the job in Derby from Leeds and it was the best thing I ever did! Learnt so much and gained so much valuable knowledge from that simple move. You can't be stuck in one place forever if you see there being no progress imo!
  3. Sorry to hear this mate. Onwards and upwards though mate honestly, there's work out there and people are recruiting still. So far after being made redundant at the end of July I've had: interview at company 1- got through to second stage but they chose the other candidate based on experience (hydrogen) Interview at company 2 - got the job offered but I turned it down because of location and wanted to hold out Interview at company 3 - got through to second interview but didn't get it sadly, waiting for feedback Interview at company 4 - got through to the final interview tomorrow. What I'm saying is, there's loads of stuff out there just keep you head high and apply for as much as you can
  4. And absolutely mate. Will message you, are you on fb now?
  5. I can't see anything either mate
  6. Yeah they don't really have that many issues as such, rust is non existant basically. The engines are just diabolically shit and burn oil and fail quite regularly regarding piston rings. Apparently the facelifts had an oil feed hole revision on the pistons that prevented this oil burning. Yeah the precats can be an issue too as they get sucked up into the cylinder and cause scuffing.
  7. Nah he's got that wrong. Put it this way, my mates dad came to look at my mx5 when I was selling it but struggled to fit in it so bought an mr2 instead. Fits in that spot on
  8. Just had it resting on both legs as it was being flipped over and it didn't move at all. For a hobbyist it'll be absolutely fine...
  9. Beast is in f**king in love. Struggled massively with 4 of us to flip it as its actually a smidge over 500kg
  10. Sorry to hear this mate but it might be a positive outcome. Sadly I've been made redundant through this bollocks. Absolutely shite
  11. Today I've tig welded the captive nutted end caps to the legs and then nearrrrrly finished it until my mig wire ran out haha (half way through a section lol) It's a f**king beast!
  12. No problem at all mate, if you have any further questions or want to come and have a drive of one drop me a message. Although mines a bit of a spicier one as you know but there's more to it than the engine in these. The balance of the car is something else, I haven't driven anything quite like it before and the handling is far better than the clio ever was for me!
  13. I actually took that photo for you believe it or not, I was meaning to send it to you on Facebook haha Mrs asked me what it was then I explained to her its what area you work in etc
  14. Very very easy mate, it's literally just look under the rear bumper and you'll see it. If I link you to my thread on Cs would it help as I fully removed mine and took many many pics https://cliosport.net/threads/mr2-k-swap-project.826440/ Hopefully you don't have to be a member. Not sure where It is in the thread but I recommend you view the whole thing with a cuppa anyway haha
  15. Thanks mate. That's why I like it too, it's so quiet in comparison! Been mig welding today and it's safe to say I am sick of it for the day. I could never do it as a job thts for sure. The first tig welder I got was £350, that just did steel but then I upgraded to an acdc unit which can do alu too, that was £1600 ish. It's nearly ready to flip over