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  1. New boosty bus for the longer trips. 335d LCI Dead happy with it.
  2. This be the one. We offered £291k apparently we were close to what it went for in the end. My thoughts being £295. So frustrating as it is literally perfect for us and hit every single criteria. Location being key, garage size, detached etc. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/110087696#/
  3. Still can't buy a house, ironically myself being the thread starter. We offered £16k over the asking price of one the other day and still didn't get it. The house not even being offers over...
  4. Excellent news Mark. Good luck dude. We still haven't found a house we like, despite me making this thread several months ago! Bloody pain in the arse but it doesn't help that we are really limiting where we want to live due to wanting a decent area. Got bummed out of a house a few weeks ago, put in an offer 8k over and still didn't get it.
  5. Just bought some dogecoin with having absolutely no idea what I am doing but hey ho
  6. Basically because it's gone to probate were not willing to wait for x amount of months so instead we are much better to find a better house, pay a bit more and find one that really really suits us. The house was nice but I wouldn't say it would be worth waiting for that long nice.
  7. Well, despite me making this thread... I had the shit job of calling the estate agents this morning explaining that we're pulling out of the purchase. Back to the drawing board.
  8. That looks so so much nicer that colour! Agreed dark wheels will look awesome too.
  9. Update from me Apparently they said it was "bad news" regarding the title check the other day and when they've done a title check there's been some kind of issue flag up with another name being on the house last year or something? She said it's gone to probate.I know the owner lost his wife last year so maybe it's something to do with her perhaps.She's going to chase it up and get me more details when she can.Lovely! The fact that the estate agents said it was bad news filled me with dread a bit I won't lie. Surely it's as simple as just checking who the person is, crossing them off the list if they have died? Unless it's a little more complicated then that...
  10. Finally made some bessey style clamps for the fab table. Really happy with how easy they were to make, made my life much easier already. Had a quick play with some stainless tonight, can feel myself improving all the time which is a great feeling. Attached images are free hand with no support so I'm even happier
  11. Sounds like a pita! What I struggled with was determining where the birds mouth should be. When doing the basic pythag and working out the hypotenuse of the triangle, then transitioning that measurement to the location on the actual birds mouth. It's hard to explain without going into loads of detail. Got it in the end though
  12. I'm pre empting building a big man shed at the top of the new houses garden so been trialling making the roof trying to get my head around measurements and bird mouths cuts etc. Finally got it the other day. Got to try out my new tool imported from the land of the free.
  13. Literally can't see a thing
  14. You have the wrong stuff mate. And I know this because I did exactly this hahahaha I got brazing rods which you absolutely can't use with tig. You need dedicated silicone bronze for tig. You'll know you have the right ones because they are expensive.
  15. Absolutely mental. Puts it into perspective as the house I've just bought was £215k Which is a 4 bed detached in the Midlands. Pic on first page. Mental!