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  1. Made some seat rails, did some welding, seats are in. Happy days! Cage metal is on the way so will be building and welding that this week.
  2. Nice video dude! That guy seems very exhausting to be around for more than 10 minutes. I get the feeling prawn felt the same way judging by his reactions during the vid hahah
  3. Cheers mate, yeah should be although I'm not sure about the angled notches
  4. Got a huge update to add in here but... It's nearly there! Just ordered a load of cds tubing as I'm now committed to making a roll cage for it.
  5. More from me from tonight. Strengthening some v band clamps because f**k a few spot welds
  6. Got any pictures mate? Do you have the metal too? Incredibly happy to help but would like gas covered
  7. Just finished my first lobster/pie welding. Went well
  8. Sikh
  9. @forteh is th is what you mean? I hope so.... Hahaha Done more hangers today, and made some additional supports to them. It now hangs nicely by itself on 4 hangers.
  10. First and foremost let's get the important shit out of the way. Printed off a baby yoda last night look how f**king cute he is Boring stuff now, had my first crack at pie /lobster cuts for the tail pipe and I gotta say I'm impressed with the technique. Pretty much nailed it first go really. The main issue with pie cuts is getting each cut absolutely consistent so that they are the same for each piece of pie. My technique is draw a line straight down the pipe. This in itself is very hard to keep it straight and parallel with the pipe, used angle iron for that bit. Then I have to do another line exactly 180 deg from that line That involved me getting some tape and going around the pipe, folding it in half then that gives you your 180 to the first mark. Do that line. Next I put it in the band saw and made a reference mark for the line. I chose my angle of cut and did a cut. Moved the pipe 180 to the other line lining up with my reference point. That the gives you the same angle on each piece of pie. Does that make any sense? Another thing to factor is the stick out of the pipe each time to get the same length of pie. Used the fence on the band saw for that. That gave me all the pies I then tacked them in place and made a 180 and a 90 as I'm making this one a centre exit. It's hard to hold them in place for the photo but I'm sure you get the idea. Will be welding them up tomorrow and hopefully finishing the exhaust.
  11. I only use these gas lense kits now. 900% cheaper than the fupa ones and give really awesome coverage of gas. Downside is I smashed two in one day as I was being clumsy. Really are worth it though, especially as you can have your stick out a ridiculous length for tight places. Helped with thr exhaust massively.
  12. Thanks for that dude, appreciate it! It's a really good point, I'll add some more. There's another cheeky one at the top of that pic you drew, where the wall is. My intention was to do another one there also (mount is on the way)
  13. Done the hangers today on the exhaust The next part is the tailpipe which I'm going to have as a v banded piece so I can add another small resonator or silencer if it's too loud as it is. Very happy!
  14. Seriously cool stuff adz!
  15. Didn't realise you once did trials too Dan!