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  1. Very very easy mate, it's literally just look under the rear bumper and you'll see it. If I link you to my thread on Cs would it help as I fully removed mine and took many many pics https://cliosport.net/threads/mr2-k-swap-project.826440/ Hopefully you don't have to be a member. Not sure where It is in the thread but I recommend you view the whole thing with a cuppa anyway haha
  2. Thanks mate. That's why I like it too, it's so quiet in comparison! Been mig welding today and it's safe to say I am sick of it for the day. I could never do it as a job thts for sure. The first tig welder I got was £350, that just did steel but then I upgraded to an acdc unit which can do alu too, that was £1600 ish. It's nearly ready to flip over
  3. Started building bits of the table up today. Today was the adjustable feet Everyone loves close ups properly love welding it's hard to put into words haha
  4. Taking the welding a little further and after speaking to an acquaintance of mine, he's designed and ordered me a fab table. Pretty decent size for what I need too. Weighing in at 450kg too haha Can't wait to do some more fab work now!
  5. I'm currently keeping busy and making some bits for the Mr2. Some custom trailing arms and of course I had to get some TIG in
  6. Really appreciate these comments guys! I'm hoping things will get back to normal soon, I've been lucky enough to be offered a job in a similar role but I've made the executive decision to turn it down due to a hefty relocation. I should be all good for the time being as this heiny ain't a cheap ass heiny (thanks to isitafox for the idea - it's true what they say too, big car, little man)
  7. Might have to ramp up some external fab work /manifold making as I've now been made redundant from what was my ultimate dream job. Ace. 2020 can literally f**k off
  8. Haha cheers Ads! Really appreciate that. Vtec now engages at 4200rpm which is just mega. Can't wait to get it on track
  9. Great success. Happy with those figures from a 2.0 na
  10. For some reason I thought t that was the same place where you worked! Haha Yeah I'm going to efi dude. Can't wait!
  11. Awesome dude, didn't know you had your own unit! Honda mr2 news - goes in for mapping on Monday. With the 421 manifold, rbc inlet, filter I'm hoping for 220bhp ish (this is on a proper dyno not a tdi North 247bhp calibrated dyno) haha
  12. Is this a new place mate? I always thought you had a lift
  13. And how did the cop know that he didn't have a hidden weapon on him? He wasn't properly searched. He could have easily turned around and shot the police officer should he have been armed. I'm not saying what he did was right, but with America being so lapse with guns you have to understand that the Police are always thinking the "what if" scenario.
  14. Not really? Man was arrested for drink driving, grabs a cops taser and runs off. Can't see how that can ever be seen as racially aggravated?
  15. Really cool man. Definitely buy a 3d printer, I use mine allllll the time Infact I can hear it whirring away in the spare room as I type haha