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  1. He's not real is he? Or he's a tf make believe account run by a mod? Gotta be hahaha
  2. Quite long I've heard so to prevent yourself from shutting down part way through I would recommend plugging yourself into to the nearest wall socket
  3. Getting the hang of mig some more I think!
  4. No I sold it when I went down the weight weenie route. Then the car looked shit without it so I got another one. Now it's all one big sexy garage trophy ha
  5. Apart from my spoiler regarding your last sentence haha that was a nightmare that thing wasn't it
  6. Okay, first go at tigging. No filler rod as I wanted to get the movement right first. I have no idea what i'm doing so just going into it head first haha IMG_20180726_150730 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180726_150723 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180726_150706 by dann2707, on Flickr
  7. Hahaha that made me laugh. I usually inspect the damage after too.
  8. Figured i'd try and keep this thread alive by posting the stages of the welding table i've made. It didn't take long at all to make and it's been really awesome to get some more practise in with the mig. This is my first attempt at anything like this but it was very easy. I started off with some random 4mm steel from the scrappers. IMG_20180720_160343 by dann2707, on Flickr I then ordered some box section from eBay IMG_20180720_160337 by dann2707, on Flickr Then by using some welding magnets I offered the box section up together to create the bottom frame - to act as the structure underneath the 4mm sheet. IMG_20180720_160655 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_160955 by dann2707, on Flickr Tack welded those bits together IMG_20180720_161511 by dann2707, on Flickr Then welded them IMG_20180720_162209 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_162217 by dann2707, on Flickr And did some inside corner joints IMG_20180720_165334 by dann2707, on Flickr I then lined it up on the sheet steel IMG_20180720_171137 by dann2707, on Flickr And again tacked in place IMG_20180720_173203 by dann2707, on Flickr I then ran a series of beads on the outer edge as seen below IMG_20180720_175026 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_175033 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_175037 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_175920 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180720_175929 by dann2707, on Flickr Turned it over and see some nice bits where the heat has got into the table IMG_20180721_144643 by dann2707, on Flickr I braced the end where the vice is going to go - I doubt it needed it but wanted to add a bit more security just incase. Sprayed the welds too just for protection. IMG_20180724_133913 by dann2707, on Flickr I then got some more box section through the post to act as the bottom supports. Magnets again to hold these in place. IMG_20180724_134628 by dann2707, on Flickr I then tacked the legs upright. These were very loose to enable them to be put into position IMG_20180724_142343 by dann2707, on Flickr Ordered some larger welding magnets to support the bottom bracing. These are rated to 34kg each and it definitely seems it. IMG_20180724_142601 by dann2707, on Flickr I rested the bottom frame on the magnets and used the shelf a bit too. Tacked those in place too IMG_20180724_143956 by dann2707, on Flickr I now put the other legs on. Tacked in place using the welding magnet again to support and get the correct 90° angle. IMG_20180724_145234 by dann2707, on Flickr Other side done IMG_20180724_152808 by dann2707, on Flickr Did some vertical welding which was fun IMG_20180724_152828 by dann2707, on Flickr Finished the welds on other bits IMG_20180724_152833 by dann2707, on Flickr Didn't get many photos of the actual welds but here is one from a corner IMG_20180724_171322 by dann2707, on Flickr I then flipped it upside down, fitted my freshly painted vice, did some more welds that I missed with it being upside down and ground the rust off the top. It's sturdy as hell and i'm pretty damn pleased with the outcome! Now to get tigging IMG_20180724_162524 by dann2707, on Flickr IMG_20180724_161754 by dann2707, on Flickr
  9. Quick detail today for the mx5. Lovely, fantastic car. It's great. Serviced it the other day too, it genuinely took me 20 minutes from start to finish. Everything is easy to work on
  10. No not yet man. Should be next week or so. Pretty damn excited to try it though.
  11. Weldtableception
  12. That's one of the corners on the box section frame. I could weld all evening, there's just something so bloody rewarding about it
  13. It ain't tig as I haven't got gas yet but I've started making a welding table. Very happy so far. Total cost has been £11 for the sheet metal and about £30 for the legs and box section to make the frame. I'm just waiting for the legs now then I can weld them. The new mig is a beast
  14. I've never had a loan before (just uni) would I be eligible?
  15. I'd rather the forum be dead than have to read this shite.