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  1. Absolutely mental. Puts it into perspective as the house I've just bought was £215k Which is a 4 bed detached in the Midlands. Pic on first page. Mental!
  2. Link @Ali C?? Dead keen on seeing the basements haha
  3. That's awesome, do you have a cow around the back that you just take leather from as and when you have a project on the go?
  4. Incorrect. The house we've bought was on the market Tuesday and we had our offer accepted on the Thursday. There were 2 other offers in at that time at full asking price. Mate sold his house recently within 48 hours too.
  5. Blast from the past! Hope you're well Ben.
  6. Survey happened yesterday and all was good according to the previous owner. Awaiting feedback from the mortgage dudes now, whilst it's being underwritten. Should be sorted relatively soon I think all being well!
  7. Exciting times. Mortgage prices now with us and said what terms and shit we want. Decent! Exciting. All being well 6 to 8 weeks now because neither of us are in a chain.
  8. Jesus. Some horror stories already haha Had the offer accepted! Niiice
  9. Seeing as though a few guys have had completions of their houses lately! (congratulations josh and Mike!) this thread would be good to discuss houses and grown up shit. We've just been to view a house tonight and have decided we absolutely want it so sent the owner a text tonight saying we will buy and will be ringing the estate agent first thing tomorrow. Who have people got a mortgage with? Really really want it! We are first time buyers so hoping that should help.
  10. You get better and better now using social media posts as evidence hahahahahahaha This a wind up? You've got to be a wind up lol
  11. Then you're 100% retarded. Sorry dude but that is most ridiculous thing I've heard. I hope you're not in Engineering.
  12. Fake Christmas trees The fun bit it going out and buying a real one, decorating it then having that amazing Christmas smell in the house. I understand the convenience of a fake one, but personally I don't get it. Christmas is about the experience not the convenience.
  13. I just hope your cv isn't written like how your posts are mate
  14. Thanks haha I moved 90 miles for the job in Derby from Leeds and it was the best thing I ever did! Learnt so much and gained so much valuable knowledge from that simple move. You can't be stuck in one place forever if you see there being no progress imo!
  15. Sorry to hear this mate. Onwards and upwards though mate honestly, there's work out there and people are recruiting still. So far after being made redundant at the end of July I've had: interview at company 1- got through to second stage but they chose the other candidate based on experience (hydrogen) Interview at company 2 - got the job offered but I turned it down because of location and wanted to hold out Interview at company 3 - got through to second interview but didn't get it sadly, waiting for feedback Interview at company 4 - got through to the final interview tomorrow. What I'm saying is, there's loads of stuff out there just keep you head high and apply for as much as you can