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  1. I would absolutely refuse to go in. This is serious stuff and you're just risking infecting your loved ones etc.
  2. Because it spreads the virus?
  3. Nice to see you back/posting dude!
  4. Hate double parking space parking wankers. Will always dump the green turd inbetween if I can. Today was no exception
  5. Yeah it definitely does affect your premium sadly. I know I got crashed into a few years ago. He admitted liability but I'm still getting penalised despite trying every single f**king insurance company and I trust that you know I'm northern enough to try every company to see if I can get it cheaper.
  6. No ones posted in here for ages I reckon I'll do a big update in here soon when I find the time on the computer
  7. Made some seat rails, did some welding, seats are in. Happy days! Cage metal is on the way so will be building and welding that this week.
  8. Nice video dude! That guy seems very exhausting to be around for more than 10 minutes. I get the feeling prawn felt the same way judging by his reactions during the vid hahah
  9. Cheers mate, yeah should be although I'm not sure about the angled notches
  10. Got a huge update to add in here but... It's nearly there! Just ordered a load of cds tubing as I'm now committed to making a roll cage for it.
  11. More from me from tonight. Strengthening some v band clamps because f**k a few spot welds
  12. Got any pictures mate? Do you have the metal too? Incredibly happy to help but would like gas covered
  13. Just finished my first lobster/pie welding. Went well
  14. Sikh
  15. @forteh is th is what you mean? I hope so.... Hahaha Done more hangers today, and made some additional supports to them. It now hangs nicely by itself on 4 hangers.