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  1. Game over
  2. Get some pics up sam would be interesting to know.
  3. When you can spare a few mins... Watch the Santa Cruz frame test video . Ali vs carbon. I was tired and forgot to finish the rest off lol. The bonz seem promising for the geo.
  4. Ok so lets do a comparison between all carbon bars available on the market: Try-all £115.00 Geometry Width: 730mm (28.75in) Total rise: 90mm Upsweep: 12° Backsweep: 9° Rockman: £120.00 Geometry Width: 720mm (28.5in) Total rise: 92mm Upsweep: 14° Backsweep: 9° Trialtech SL £129.00 Geometry Width: 730mm (28.75in) Total rise: 95mm Upsweep: 10° Backsweep: 10° Bonz Carbons.. 135 euros = £115.96 width: 720mm total rise is 110mm (94mm from handlebar axle to the stem axle) upsweep 12° back sweep 9°
  5. New Bonz carbon bars available soon. 135 euros = £115.96 Géometry is whidth: 720mm, upsweep 12°, back sweep 9° and total rise is 110mm (94mm from handlebar axle to the stem axle)
  6. As far as am aware they wanted him on the team but he did not want to go ahead with it... Then he rejoins Ozonys. I think he would destroy a sky2 within minutes lol Besides his riding style is still big but he is more of a street based rider compared to gilles etc who are comp. You can imagine Koxx are always looking for big popular riders.
  7. As far as i am aware he rides a Koxx but is part of enter-bike team.
  8. Don't forget a covering letter too. Also if they ever need a reference tell em to give me a call Liam.
  9. I remember Steve from Clee (Gytrials) known as on here. Was saying Damon was gonna sign with Koxx but its quite a strict contract with a lot of things they ask for and its not just for a year its for a fixed period of time compared to most sponsorships.. but the benefits were quite good! Would be good to see a UK rider on the Koxx team to represent our country.
  10. I come across this on my news feed after seeing some friends comment on it. Pretty crazy and creative.
  11. I got 9. Whoever passes this test has probz never been layed in their life haha
  12. Saw this the other week when Hannes posted a status update. Another great rider leaves Koxx. First was hege...Now Hannes
  13. That was cool. Where did you get the Koxx shorts from?
  14. Trying to join the mtb fork mounting hype with the post mount design.