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  1. last night went street riding on my onza t-pro. it has a tensile 60click freewheel. found a gap just over 6ft but i just couldnt seem to get it across. i would hit it but not enuff to stay on it. now is there away of getting bike to go further ( i know more lower front and pull hard ment to help ) that i can try. also wud going to a 72 click or even a 108 click freewheel help out loads more. any advice wud be great.
  2. mine and step sons bikes
  3. im turning 31 in few weeks and im getting back into trials after 13 years off a trials bike
  4. these our mine and step sons bikes. his is the black onza tyke. he only starting out so will upgrade bike as he gets better. mine is the red onza t-pro. not done much to it just replaced worn parts. been off a trials bike for 13 years and rode stock but as did bmx for so long this bike seems do its job. thinking of getting the same bars and stem that on the black bike for mine and maybe a half link chain so can push my rear wheel in further
  5. got it. yeah it nice just go in back garden and ride when i wnt to
  6. wow nice bike
  7. if my bike back up and running by then i will. at mo i have mostly rode my back garden as have a small set up out there so can relearn how to ride and try teach step son aswell. meet a lad in bideford that rides to. do you have facebook so can add you on there? few pics of first set up. dnt stay like that
  8. alot of the stickers have been removed just not took new pictures yet as mine ( estate ) has two spare 14 inch rims on it as need tyres on two the ats cups and both very dirty at mo. mine having new wheel colour to so not getting cleaned till back looking half desent. partners hatch has also got have its lower rubber lip taken off as caught it and ripped part of it so looking bit worse for wear. at end of month both getting sorted. oh and estate gets used like that. took me and partner and 3 kids on holiday filled rite up. bought set of wheels home. and had 5 pallets in it and 4 pallets on roof for back garden trials course. it my daily and it the family car to. gets alot of use and has 206,000 miles on it to
  9. dont know if this in right place but i have restarted riding trials again. i live in bideford but will be riding in barnstaple to. are there any riders on here near those areas???????
  10. mine and the partners cars. not to everyones taste but we dont mind
  11. hi my names craig i live in bideford area. i did trials then was 17 on a echo pure. i loved that bike but after a year people quit trials so i sold up and went back to bmx. worse mistake i ever made. did bmx on off over the years but was never great at it. now at 30 ( 31 in a month ) i picked up a onza t-pro cheap as wnted get back into trials as missed it and wud help with my legs ( medical problems ). painted the frame and got new grips for it and off went to find i was still able do alot of things. bike has had few more upgrades now so hopefully can get better. my step son tried bmx but never got on with it so got him a onza tyke which he loves and is getting on well with it so while i relearn stuff get teach him how do bits to. back garden full of pallets so can learn at home. sorry for life story lol