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  1. so i have a spare rear wheel and had a look at at other day and wasnt sure if it a better wheel then what on the bike now. any help be good. one on bike has small holes in rim and looks like a onza unsealed hub. the spare is a solid onza rim and a flip flop trials tech hub that looks like it a sealed one.
  2. speck to joe baker he does both moto trials and cycle trials he mite be able to help
  3. yep looks like a pure. miss mine so much such a good bike
  4. i rode bmx and gone back to trials i got a onza t-pro mod and changed bars and stem so felt bit more bmx like. i ride alot of street and ride it like a bmx. here a pic
  5. looking for some help. been looking on tarty bikes at tnn adm pads and tnn lgm green. now i know both very good pads but looking for the best all round pad between two. so if anyone rides with them can you let me know what they like please
  6. cheers was worried broke it
  7. my freewheel seems to wobble. i have used diff bottom bracket cracks are tight nothing feels lose all seems to ride fine just can see it wobble. i have put video up to see what is wrong 20749613_864619047047763_3050004496210984960_n.mp4
  8. as weather not been great here i have been watching alot of trials videos on youtube to get ideas on bits for my back garden course and watching how people ride. now i have noticed alot of people dont hold their front brake while on back wheel for side hops, gaps or drops. when i rode 13 years ago we would always lock the front brake to. is there any benifit to letting front wheel spin free or is it just down to how that rider rides??????
  9. here picture of old flat bar setup here picture of new bar and stem setup. seems feel nicer to ride but will see when go for longer ride
  10. see that the freewheel i wnt to get. im finding it hard to do gaps i did when had a stock echo with chris king rear hub. thats why thinking a 108 click free wheel wud help more then a 60 click
  11. i have a 60 engagement one now so not going backwards it spec
  12. mite do that and try slow mo it if i can then can see what im doing and not doing
  13. not blaming bike just didnt know if a 108 click freewheel will help more then a 60 click one. when weather drys up bit will be making a gap in back garden with the pallets i have. would running lower psi in rear tyre help also??? going try everything you have all said and see how i get on. thanks for the help
  14. last night went street riding on my onza t-pro. it has a tensile 60click freewheel. found a gap just over 6ft but i just couldnt seem to get it across. i would hit it but not enuff to stay on it. now is there away of getting bike to go further ( i know more lower front and pull hard ment to help ) that i can try. also wud going to a 72 click or even a 108 click freewheel help out loads more. any advice wud be great.
  15. mine and step sons bikes