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Jon Mack - Pallet Playtime


Well, bearing in mind I rode lots in the summer and got no footage I decided I should start filming, so I went out for about an hour and a half today and got some footage which I've put into a little edit for all of you. It's nothing special, I was riding for myself really, to see where I need to improve, but decided to upload it anyway. It's about the 6th time I've been out on the bike this year so I don't think I'm doing too badly, definitely need to ride more to get better bike control again.

It's pretty repetitive, because I was mainly practising stuff to front (which has payed off, learnt them on Saturday on 4 pallets, and I successfully did 5 today for the first time everrrrr) but either way, I hope you like it, and try keep the comments positive please guys! Sorry about the dirty lens :P


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