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    girls, music, trials and keeping away from scumy chavs obviously
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    bionic frame echo urban forks tryall wheels hope pro 2 trials rear hope xc front avid bb7 frnt brake blue rear maggie plaz pads red burn cranks tryall bb v8s maxxis tyres echo stem zoo bars
  1. hello man how are u

  2. i no what its like to have a bike stolen cos ive had 1 stolen myself. if i was in your situation id go round there and kick the living f**k outta the pr**k its not his to take so why has he got it???
  3. zoo! riser
  4. ive always used water in my brakes and ive had no problems with it. actually wait in the summer when it is quite hot i found it to be a little spongier if you dont use your brake for a long period like my brother it will eventually seize the insides of it he needed a whole new lever body but thats after not using it for like 6-7 months but other than that water is better than oil in my opinoin and cheaper reece
  5. This is me trials bike ive had for too long now, its a bionic one of the first ever in the country, im really bored of trials now n cba with the bike no more im looking to sell the whole bike for 430 and not splitting but seeing as im only i a premember thingy im not allowed to sell it but if your intrested give me a pm n ill get back to u also fs is my specialized big hit dh bike thanks for looking reece
  6. LOL pre member!!!

  7. I have learnt to sidehop about a week and a half ago and i can sidehop 35", im pretty pleased with this and was wondering what any of your highest sidehops are? Cheers reece
  8. V!z

    there rims look nice but dent very easy and dont hold grinds very well
  9. looks a fine site to order from
  10. ill be there and if a video is being made i want to be in it, not going mental on the ride because of a party later that night see you there reece
  11. i used to own one and it wasnt to bad, the only thing wrong was i had the habbit of snapping bbs on it doing small drops. It was nice to bunny hop and manual but going up on it was a bit of a nightmare because there was no frame clearance
  12. As long as the shells on the bb are the same length 68 or 73mm i think that are the sizes they should fit the axle length doesnt matter
  13. ive rode both a gu and an adament, ive rode a gu short (horrible) and a gu long nice and fliky and good on the back wheel My brother has an adament a3 long, this is easy to gap, stay on the back wheel and overall mint to ride and im a stock rider lol
  14. yeah i will turn up ill text you nile when im by civic centre, what time do do you want to meet reece
  15. Maxxis creepy crawlers have good drip and an alright wear life but i would personaly use echo tyres