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  1. Hi can people STOP ! having a go at me the only reason i called Tom 132 a fish is because i was just mucking around and i'am not that harsh to call him a complete twat or what ever, that was just an example Munday your sound and i'am not having a go at you. If any body does not like me calling my friend a fish just for a joke DEAL with it because i don't really give a crap what you think. I didn't know why there was a onza sticker on a zona, so i just asked the question is it that hard for you lot to get that in to your little brains. Open to any coments Joe
  2. Yeh took me ages lol
  3. Shut Up you fish Yeh your a fish
  4. Yeh why do you ask ?
  5. Smelly Joe why did you put an onza sticker on a Zona ?
  6. The T-Mag is a nice bike are you looking to buy an Onza ? Or just wondering ?
  7. I would agree maguras are good as long as set up well Joe
  8. It's working now thanks Joe
  9. Hi can you redo the link because it doesn't work for me Joe
  10. I use a 2.5 tyre i find it very good lot's of grip and bounce Joe
  11. Hay Shorty (josh) you wouldn't be talking about me would you ?
  12. Best reply to "where's your seat" is my ass eat it for breakfast Joe
  13. I think as long as you take off or replace the stickers and the rim tape to red if that is the colour your going for. Then this bike will not look to crap and yeah you could get that bike looking someting close to the colour of the Echo Hi Fi as long as you oddviusly replace the hubs rims bars and so on. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, spell checker does not like me Hope i helped Joe
  14. Bit more info please what parts do you have green for a start? And what parts do you wish to make red And any pictures if you have them as well Thanks Joe
  15. hi i'm getting a zona zip frame after christmas just would like to know how good they look. So please if you have a zona zip full bike please add pictures to this topic (as many as you can) Thanks alot Joe E-Mail