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  1. Little video of me riding my new frame, Wanted a slightly shorter frame, The Jitsie is perfect. Big thanks to Trials addict for sorting me out
  2. New video of me riding street. Let me know what you think, good or bad feedback is always good ✌️ Thanks Guys
  3. Evening, New video out today! Just a little video of some Autumn training. Currently riding the trials addict frame which I have to say is absolutely great! Really light but still very strong! Enjoy the video!
  4. Ryan Crisp Winter Training video! Riding the b1k3 Eclipse! Thanks!
  5. My B1K3, Had it around 8 months now,one of the best 20" frames I've had! Pretty light too weighting in at 7.2kg
  6. I wanted to know how stong these forks are, They seem very good vaule for money but i want to still know if they are strong, Anyone used them ?
  7. Trying to get a group together to have a ride in Ipswich this Saturday, Let us know if you can make it or if your up for it Start getting a list down to see who we have coming then we can make it official
  8. I've found some pimp blue pro bolts and want to use them in my try all stem but are they really strong enough ? I used them before for my brakes and kept snapping them in the frame Any help would be good
  9. mate have you sent them tyres?

  10. I want to know how to make a spoke tensioner for my Zoo piranha 2009 thanks very much