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  1. Few of us will be out pedalling this Sunday if anyone is keen to join! Not seen many decent rides put on for ages, and it's only fair if we invite the forum boys. Location on will be added soon. Get on it lads.
  2. i ride motorbikes up there often. its free on cycle but £5 each motorbike
  3. Just seen this ahaha, trials in a skatepark, confusing the ladies with a BMX
  4. made this video a while ago now but never shared it in here. probably the last time i rode properly too due to having no one to ride with lost interest a little this year but we can soon sort that out. enjoy.
  5. How's the king for you? some mega lines in there Ross
  6. Smartest 24 I've ridden
  7. meeting time will be around 11, from what i can remember, the car parking is a bit sh*t for matlock quarry, but its a possibility that we could meet at the sainsburys car park down the road.
  8. Haha good lad! That's one!
  9. Suuuup This weekend, skids will be happening up in the hills of Derbyshire! To the ones that ARE NOT wifed off this weekend, please attend! Be good to see some new and old faces! The Lincoln lot will be here with hopefully some more riders!!!
  10. As some of you know/ heard that Danny has just been on the one show... Don't you think it's a bit of a kick in the face? Trials is never recognised, I watched it and never heard the word 'trials' once. nobody knows what it is, and this is why the sport is so small, just think it's a bit sh*t how it all is?
  11. Awesome lads!
  12. 11 ish either at the uni walls near the station or at the free car park at arundal lane! Hit this up guys. Few of us about
  13. In if it's dry x
  14. Daniel James Cox s snapchats are the best! Haha! #easillyAmused

  15. Got to try and fit in two wheel builds this week