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  1. Bike is now for sale, have a look if your interested:
  2. I was waiting on parts, so I was bored and curious of how much weight it actually saves. @niconj I'll try what you said and yes the bearings were running smooth. Also i am hoping to get a splitter on the front brake at some point. The bounce is another reason, but saving weight, while not hampering performance is a no brainer
  3. Cheers for the comments, it's my first build thread (hopefully of many), as I love building up bikes from nothing. My front wheel hub is still very stiff when the bolts are tightened, I tried putting a spacer inside the hub stops so that the bearings were sitting better but it didn't help at all. I'm starting to think the axle may be slightly bent. Any suggestions are welcome?
  4. Bike built up and ready to ride. Featuring some funky rim tape Thanks to all the sellers who I bought parts off, all very helpful, except from a certain bloke who i wont name............. Gary Sanderson) SPEC : Frame and Forks - Frame: Rockman Aurem 4 - Forks: Trialtech Sport Light HS33 Wheels - Front Hub: Trialtech Proto Unbranded (Ti Bolts) - Rear Hub: Echo TR 135 (Ti Bolts) - Front Rim: Trialtech Sport Light - Rear Rim: Trialtech Sport Light - Front Spokes: Sapim Race - Rear Spokes: Sapim Race - Front Nipples: Sapim - Rear Nipples: VIZ Alloy - Front Innertube: Maxxis Welterweight - Rear Innertube: Kenda XL - Front Tyre: Continental Mountain King 2.2 - Rear Tyre: Continental Der Kaiser 2.5 Brakes - Front Brake: Magura HS11 2011 (4 finger lever + Trialtech Splitter) - Rear Brake: Magura HS11 2011 (4 finger lever) - Front Pads: TNN LGM Green - Rear Pads: TNN ADM - Front Clamps: Magura (Ti Bolts) - Rear Clamps: Magura (Ti Bolts) - Slaves- Magura 05 (Rawed) Drivetrain - Cranks: Try-All ISIS 175 - Freewheel: Echo SL 108 - Chain Tensioner: Echo Smooth Snail Cams - Rear Sprocket: Echo TR (15t) - Pedals: Echo TR Platform - Bottom Bracket: Trialtech Sport Light ISIS - Bashring: Try-All Symetrik Steering - Handlebar: Trialtech SL Carbon - Stem: Try-All 3D 150x30 - Headset: Echo SL - Grips: Trialtech Foam Geometry: - Wheelbase: 1100mm - Chainstay length: 380mm - BB Rise: 70mm - Head angle: 71° - Reach : 660mm Weight - 9.24 kg Edit: Rims have now been grinded.
  5. Is this serious
  6. I'll give that a try, Thanks
  7. Unfortunately I will be grinding them, will still look good as not as easy to notice as when black rims are ground. I've tried shocking the bearings into place with a hammer and it didn't help at all.
  8. Another delivery, this time a box from tarty. Inside: Trialtech sport light rear rim to match front, Sapim Race spokes, Spoke tensioner (found out it didn't fit nipples very well) and VIZ alloy nipples in blue. I am building the rim onto my echo TR hub which I bought from Neil Tunnicliffe (great seller). I used the lacing pattern 3 cross and just used a standard flat head screwdriver, it was a smull stumpy one and worked really well. I painted one side of screwdriver white so I could count how many turns i put on each nipple, so to reduce the chance of a buckle when finished. Process: First spokes in driveside Driveside finished Followed the same pattern for the non-drive side. Complete but not tensioned. At this point I put grease on each spokes thread, was easier than applying at the start and less messy. With tube/Der Kaiser (Spokes look a bit twisted there but pulled straight after some more tension). Rear and front wheel complete. I'm happy with the silver rims, but at some point i will get some black spoke and blue nipples for the front. Sorry for the poor quality picture it was chucking it down. I don't have a trueing stand so I have my own weird way of doing it. I held the yellow crayon (from a repair kit) tight agaisnt the brake booster and then spun the wheel quickly, It then leaves a mark on the tyre where the buckles are (i really should of held it agaisnt the rim to get it more accurate, but it worked well anyway). In this case i loosened the spokes around the yellow mark and now my wheel is about 95% true,(I can never get it perfect). Chainline is also spot on I will get more pictures up tommorow of bike fully built after i get brakes set and other small fix ups are finished. I've got another question for members on here, My front wheel does not spin smoothly. My front hub uses small washers inside the forks and agaisnt the hub, they have a small lip around the centre hole. Off the bike the wheel spins very freely and smooth, but when i tighten the wheel on the forks, the wheel is very stiff. I thought it was the washer squezed up agaisnt the edge of the hub preventing it from turning smoothly. I tried putting a small washer inbetween (see picture) so it wasn't touching hub but it's still just as stiff as before. Maybe my bearings are knackered, but they are almost new. Does anyone have any idea of whats going on and how i could fix it?
  9. Thanks for the comments, wheel has been built using grease on threads as suggested and got it about 95% true Pictures to follow
  10. The ADMs were always for the rear brake.
  11. Thanks for comments, it's taking me a fair time to build it due to work, football commitments and the Gary Sanderson dispute. I can't wait to get out riding on it.
  12. Welcome This site is great for information as well as tutorials etc. I'm sure there will be others living near you that would help you out.
  13. Well 2 months after paying Gary Sanderson for a wheel that failed to arrive and he has still failed to refund me, i bought a front wheel from Chris H on here, which arrived within a few days, great member and great price for the wheel. (If anyone is wanting an echo TR front disc hub, New condition, let me know) It's a Trialtech Sport Light rim built on a prototype trialtech hub (think it's the sport lite hub). New condition, 890g. I quite liked the blue rim tape, but I decided on white for now. Titanium Bolts with Echo SL axle washer. I am going for silver front+Rear Trialtech sport light rims because I have heard good things about them and I have always trusted Trialtech with quality parts. They are lightweight, look good (with a grind compared to black rims) and also should hold grinds well. Setting brake: Perfect Just waiting on Rear rim, Spokes and nipples from Tarty so i can build it up onto my Echo TR hub. Also when your building up a wheel do you put grease on each individual nipple or is this not needed?
  14. Strange place for a crack, you would think there wouldn't be much stress there.