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  1. Thanks all! Invested in a set of Spank Spike 33's and some Danny Mac tyres.. now just to need to think about cranks
  2. Thanks Ali - expected them to be waaay more money than that! Will do some further reading Cheers Mark, Spank 24" are hard to come by though right?
  3. As the title says, looking to find out some opinions on the best 24" rims and tyres for a street bike. Will be running discs so not concerned about rim brake surface. TIA - Brett
  4. Enjoyed that! Nice to see the progression - the background noise and music was messing with my brain in some parts
  5. Yeah it was a short-lived play on this before I parted ways with the frame and got the Ashton Justice. The build ended up with a set of Inspireds forks, Mavic wheelset and a Maxxis Holy Roller just squeezed in. The front was so high as Leon states that you have to consider it a rear wheel machine only.. honestly it is a great nostalgia build if you can get the parts to suit, like a lot of nostalgia the rose tints will drop after riding it and remembering how different bikes were then.
  6. I have always been a fan of these! 2nd for a video on this one in action
  7. Maybe worth a thread on RetroBike and Pink Bike see if anyone has one collecting dust somewhere?
  8. It wouldn't surprise me - I have run a number of carbon bars in the past. I have actually invested in a set of low rise MTB carbons from Selcof to give them a try out.. if they don't work will stick them on the MTB and try a set of trials specific ones
  9. Hello! Looking for a bit of advice - been changing the Ashton to make it that little more perfect and I have just sold the Inspired's I was running as it felt too high at the front end. Remembering my old build I had a set of risers probably around 60mm rise, but they don't seem to exist anymore.. Anyone running different / non-trials bars that would work? TIA, Brett
  10. Isitafox hits the nail on the head.. a modern, specific bikes compared to the Planet X Jackflash is going to be worlds apart so it's a tough call! What kind of riding do you want to do / made you get back into it? Middleground would be a 24" Varial or shortish 26" maybe? Obviously the best thing to do would be to try some out - but with the current state of the planet, it makes that impossible....
  11. A fair few (4 in the last 2 years) not quite to Ross' level.. think @Ben Davies has surpassed me... maybe
  12. Well a number of weeks ago - Ashton Justice came up and whilst it would have looked ace on the wall in the garage, someone wanted it to ride so a no brainer.
  13. Well the Zero was parted ways with to make way for an Ashton Justice - I did remember it being a pig to get a stable tyre in the rear
  14. That is a shame! Now being in a grown-up job and being able to afford a custom 609, I was really hoping there would be something - seems unlikely
  15. Old Topic Bump - did anyone ever hear anything on this - the website still stated the same (coming soon) but not enough coming for my liking!