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  1. For those that know me, I am a habitual project guy - got back into trials again after around a 10-year break and had a good 4/5 builds over the last 2 years which I have hoped would be "the one" but just ended up selling. Latest and the one I am most enjoying is a custom build Extension Edith frameset. Picked it up from FXN and went from there, so far 3 rides and it is a lot of fun! The Conti Danny Macs are possibly one of the grippiest tyres I have ever had on a bike! Changed the grips and got rid of the Tioga BMX saddle which, whilst aesthetically pleasing bruised my calves and ankles a treat ride one.
  2. Time to post my yearly link to - the build is horrible but the frame is NOS! As for the stickers @Ben Davies didn't you have a run of them?
  3. I love the sparkly paint in the black parts of the frame - not had this colourway before (had a Little Audrey the first time around)!
  4. Yeah that’s it! It feels like it takes an age before engaging. Especially against the Pro 4 on the modern bike
  5. Going through the garage and there’s enough parts for a full-ish build. Current state is this: Jack Flash Trials frame (A recent addition), Gusset forks, B.M.F on Deore hub rear, Mavic on basic Shimano front, Planet X stem (mega short) and some badly painted risers. BB is imminent then will whack on a set of cranks. It’s lighter than expected, short as I thought and retro as!
  6. Accurate bashing!
  7. Top tippage! Thank you. Yeah it is a weird time to be building a bike up.
  8. Thanks Mark, So to put it into language my brain will get today. 2.5 inside the BOTH cups to BB shell 4.5 between cup outer and crank drive side 0 between cup outer and crank non drive side Unfortunately, the Extension integrated doesn't have a spacer like that, managed to get a spacer set that should have 4.5 in it. Will have a double-check. I had to busk it as Tarty had no Inspired Integrated nor the spacer. Cheers! Brett
  9. Hello! I am intending to put a set of Truvativ Descendant cranks w/ integrated 22th Extension ring - bash on my Mark 1 King of Dunce, it has a 68 BB.. however no matter what spacer set up I go for, it seems super close! Does anyone have experience in what spacers work? As I have tried the FSA site and they seem to think 7.5 on the drive - however, they don't seem to exist? Cheers! Brett
  10. That is it.. modern is all tapered and non 26". Will mean rolling into RetroBike and PinkBike and taking a punt on something well looked after!
  11. Howdy! I have a 2003 Orange Patriot which I have built up as a mixed retro frame/modern(ish) parts and I am thinking of changing forks. As you can imagine of this age - it's 1/18, non tapered and 26" wheels. Toying with getting some Fox 34s, but wondering what else people have ridden and can suggest. I ride a mix of XC and Trail mainly. Cheers!
  12. 2nd black forks - the contrast will pay off (and it's not a mid-late 2000s all silver TGS machine)
  13. Building up a 24" and want to run discs front and rear. I haven't run discs on a trials bike in a very long time and back then in the traditional front-only position on a TGS bike (not all round on a bike). Want to get a pair with a decent rear for feel, power and minimal/no flex. Looking at Tarty there are a wealth of options from Magura's to Hopes. Wondering which people lean to really and why to get an idea? Cheers, Brett
  14. Thanks all! Invested in a set of Spank Spike 33's and some Danny Mac tyres.. now just to need to think about cranks
  15. Thanks Ali - expected them to be waaay more money than that! Will do some further reading Cheers Mark, Spank 24" are hard to come by though right?