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  1. Starting my trials in the 90's I have always loved the look of bikes with a seat. Expect nothing too modern here... 1st: Matt Berridge's - Curtis T 24 - Always wanted one in the Howies Blue! (I think they still have the jig but i'm not willing to part ways with several hundred for a frame yet) 2nd: Rowan Johns Justice in all Black, loved my black and red one - frame I most regret selling.. 3rd: The white and Union Jack 26 MHZ - I owned a blue one that had been mainly de-stickered (why?!) it just wasn't this frame / build (image shamelessly ripped from trials_bikes_with_saddles Instagram)
  2. I used to run Tar on the D521 Sup back in the day. I'm leaning towards a trials rim ground to be honest.
  3. Hola, In the process of acquiring parts for the Hex and I am wondering what kind of rear rim and pad set up. The rim must be 26" and black, which is fine - looks like Inspired and Spank are the go to, any others of note? Also - are there decent pads around now that I don't have to grind? Or is it worth going for trials specific rim and grinding it still? Send your answers on a self addressed envelope.
  4. All in all, I have decided against it. Thanks all!
  5. I mean it's horses for courses if I am looking back around then haha... I get your point
  6. Yeah agreed, I remember speccing out my old Marino frame with longer CS (385) and it wasn't half bad.. @Ross - pretty sure that has 425 chainstays haha! So not dissimilar? EDIT: Jack Flash Geo: Top Tube 569mm Head Angle 72o Seat Angle 73.5o BB Drop 10mm Chain Stay 425mm Seat Tube 320mm
  7. I'm not getting streety flicky fun vibes = weird middle build that is neither fun nor hoppy
  8. Food for thought, it could sit in the ideal spot where it's not horrendously short then, but not mega modern long
  9. Enquiring as to the CS and the WB to the seller - it does look super long, think I might wait for something a little shorter to pop up. I mean it's mint, I reckon I can get him down to £75 for the lot posted.. but it's a waste if it's not right..
  10. Yes that is the one! You know much about is Ross?
  11. That thing was a monstrosity! I mean imagine the body shape needed to tap Yeah it does look a little longer compared to the Hawzee model, so curious if anyone owned one and how it rode.. possibly the comp frame, it was their last gasp in the market (even though everyone else was using 4 bolt then). Cheers!
  12. Asking the hive mind. Spotted one of the later Giant Trials frames with forks and stem on a popular internet auction site. Considering a retro 26" build - what were these like? I never rode one... Anyone had one and able to give me some insight if worthwhile going for and building up a streety / old school build? Thanks, Brett
  13. Pics pics pics?
  14. This was always my go to for geo in the "old days" - so it depends which Zebdi you were aiming at?
  15. Cheers all. Wanted Ad is up for a Hex Frame to get me started. As the 2019 frame kit isn't on Tarty yet