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  1. After a number of rides with the FFW set up it just wasn't feeling right, so parted ways with the rear wheel and cranks and swapped in a Hope Pro 2 and a set of Middleburns for nostalgia. Also took the opportunity to swap out the rear brake from the new HS33 to an older one (in white as well). First chance to get to it today to put the latest parts on and bleed the magura - then realised I only have 4 bolt 22th chainrings (oops - 5 bolt on order). Will be up and running again this week and see if it helps me get on with it..
  2. That bit at 1.23 - 1.26!!
  3. Ok, well I have this and some bolts somewhere - I can clean it up and post it. £5 with the bolts posted?
  4. Nice mix of chill and flowy, really enjoyed that. What a spot as well!
  5. Can you stick a booster on it to try and counter the flex? Is the frame 2 or 4 bolt, as I have a 4 bolt booster you can have for postage.. Edit: Just googled - it's 2 bolt mounts. Will have a look and see if I have a 2 bolt somewhere that might help
  6. A bit of a retro-modern build Orange Patriot.. Managed to get hold of a 2003 Orange Patriot frame off a friend who had it knocking about in his garage and wanted some space for other projects. He had the vee brake bosses removed and the frame stripped of paint so it was in need of a new colour and a build! After some deliberation green seemed the most fun choice with some custom decals in a darker shade to set them off. Paired up a set of Superstar Switch wheelset, stem and bars in red it was coming together nicely. Dropped in a brand new DNM 165mm air shock for the rear (budget but actually really good) and a set of DT Swiss forks 170mm, Saint cranks and gearing and Avid XX World Cup carbon brakes (which are horrible, so being swapped to XT) it is ended up being a lightweight all mountain set up for sub £600.. had a number of blasts and I might get a dropper for it as an investment. Currently just off the run whilst I swap the brakes, but so far it's been a great XC rig - going to take it for some more aggressive stuff once it is sorted. Brett
  7. Orange Zero!
  8. I tell you what though.. that new Jitsie Varial Hybrid is remarkably like the Marino Vader....
  9. I am trying that first
  10. Cheers will check out Ted James. Pinged an email to the Curtis team a while back and it worked out about £700ish to have one of their older trials frame redone as a one off.. it's tempting
  11. I could probably produce a small run somewhere for that! Jeez...
  12. Well that is a little bit much.. in that I can get a Curtis for sub £1000 as a one off!
  13. Well this is on their Insta
  14. Let's see what they come back with..! Dropped them a note, cheers!
  15. Yeah I dropped them a mail, seemed to remember them being about £600 - let's see if they still do. As their blog is full of Russian Mail Order bride posts... Cheers!