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  1. I have a set of Gusset rigids that would work well otherwise
  2. Less trials, more MTB nowadays - probably still has a rig, but the scene died out in Reading a little while back
  3. Going for a rear Mavic rim, skinny all the way
  4. Checked and the few 26" were 2.3's and as @Alex Dark said 26" is dead so all 650b / 27 etc. 2.3 - nice thought but that wouldn't fit. 2.3 and 2.2 - I have both and was running the 2.2 on the front - but wanted something with knobbles for the rear.. sigh - might be X2 2.2 for now
  5. 2.35 is a squeeze. I have a 2.3 Holy Roller in there and it's so close! Maybe switch out for a tacky Heavy Duty XC instead...
  6. I am looking for a modern rear tyre with old school / retro dimensions for the Orange Zero build. Are there any modern DH style tyres in 2.2 that are worthwhile in investment? Or failing that a heavy duty XC tyre? Cheers, Brett
  7. £82 collection only win off Ebay (about £40 in fuel) - this is it in it's initial glory
  8. Still in the same state, currently searching for some forks and also need the rear wheel rebuilt.. It is on an ever growing to do list currently Ahahaa nooo! I need to at least build it and ride it first, might get a Mod next as I have been through everything else
  9. Ebay scouring it is! Cheers Leon
  10. With that opening question, you will get a lot of valid opinions that may or may not work for you. A few suggestions for you: What got you here and interested in trials? Did you watch a street vid or see someone riding a seatless bike? Is there a type of riding you like to watch and would like to try? What kind of riding do you enjoy now, do you ride MTB or BMX? Find someone local to have a go on their trials bike and get a feel for one live! There are bikes that are more geared towards specific types of riding (streety flow / big power moves) but you need to find out what you want, then hone in on the specifics. Welcome!
  11. Ah! That will be interesting then.. I mean the forks that came out with the frame would obviously be the best option. But I remember them being snap happy on release let alone now, also probably as rare as rocking horse sh*t
  12. Tempted to get a little plastic saddle.. but I am also a fan of how these looked with a proper saddle so might find some carbon / ti thingy for it instead of the Pivotal set up. Agree the forks suit, just not quite retro enough.. though saying that if I actually want to ride it and not die, might be the safer option to keep them there. Just need the rear wheel building onto the black X721 in the same set up as the front, the brakes and I am pretty much there!
  13. Managed to get a full build Zero for a steal on eBay (worth the 3 hour round trip to collect). Currently in the process of switching out parts for some better bits (Hope and Mavic rather than Shimano and Planet X), a set of discs, some spanking condition Middleburn RS7's, Hope Stem. Ideally want to keep some of the parts retro, with some little touches of modern.. but the Inspired forks have to go! But so far, here she is:
  14. Part of me wants those forks for the retro-ness.. but I could never ride them hahahaaaa