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  1. Enjoyed that! Nice to see the progression - the background noise and music was messing with my brain in some parts
  2. Yeah it was a short-lived play on this before I parted ways with the frame and got the Ashton Justice. The build ended up with a set of Inspireds forks, Mavic wheelset and a Maxxis Holy Roller just squeezed in. The front was so high as Leon states that you have to consider it a rear wheel machine only.. honestly it is a great nostalgia build if you can get the parts to suit, like a lot of nostalgia the rose tints will drop after riding it and remembering how different bikes were then.
  3. I have always been a fan of these! 2nd for a video on this one in action
  4. Maybe worth a thread on RetroBike and Pink Bike see if anyone has one collecting dust somewhere?
  5. It wouldn't surprise me - I have run a number of carbon bars in the past. I have actually invested in a set of low rise MTB carbons from Selcof to give them a try out.. if they don't work will stick them on the MTB and try a set of trials specific ones
  6. Hello! Looking for a bit of advice - been changing the Ashton to make it that little more perfect and I have just sold the Inspired's I was running as it felt too high at the front end. Remembering my old build I had a set of risers probably around 60mm rise, but they don't seem to exist anymore.. Anyone running different / non-trials bars that would work? TIA, Brett
  7. Isitafox hits the nail on the head.. a modern, specific bikes compared to the Planet X Jackflash is going to be worlds apart so it's a tough call! What kind of riding do you want to do / made you get back into it? Middleground would be a 24" Varial or shortish 26" maybe? Obviously the best thing to do would be to try some out - but with the current state of the planet, it makes that impossible....
  8. A fair few (4 in the last 2 years) not quite to Ross' level.. think @Ben Davies has surpassed me... maybe
  9. Well a number of weeks ago - Ashton Justice came up and whilst it would have looked ace on the wall in the garage, someone wanted it to ride so a no brainer.
  10. Well the Zero was parted ways with to make way for an Ashton Justice - I did remember it being a pig to get a stable tyre in the rear
  11. That is a shame! Now being in a grown-up job and being able to afford a custom 609, I was really hoping there would be something - seems unlikely
  12. Old Topic Bump - did anyone ever hear anything on this - the website still stated the same (coming soon) but not enough coming for my liking!
  13. Nice little set up - always wanted the blue one. Enjoy it!!
  14. I would see if they would run a few frames as well.. you know, just in case!
  15. It really needs one.. in white