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  1. Hi All, I’m just getting back into trials after a long break and I’ve got my first ever bike with disc brakes. (SLX f&r with stock pads, hope trials rotor on the rear and a stock shimano rotor on the front). I’d say the brakes work fine, equivalent to my mountain bike but don’t have the out and out “bite” that I’m used to from HS33s etc. The question is; is there anything that can be done to improve the hold? Grind the rotor? Tar on the pads? Any suggestions would be gratefully received... the cheaper the better!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Boiling? As in put them in a pan of boiling water? I’ve not heard that one before! Doesn’t look like the trialtech pads are available for the slx brake... are there any other brands who do a Trials pad?
  3. Hi, 

    I'm new to this forum and don't seem to be able to respond to your message "in-line" on the post like I should be able to. 


    short answer is no, sorry it's a front brake....

    longer answer.... the lever can be flipped to use on the left or right of the bars and the caliper is not front or rear specific (can be used for both). The only problem is that the hose is only 1metre long, so to use on the rear you'd need to get a new hose... not the end of the world but will depend on how keen you are! 

    ps the price sounds ok and we're relatively local to each other which is nice!