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  1. Have you ridden a 24" bike before?
  2. Hi Guys, Been getting back in to mountain biking lately and really would like a trials bike so I can mess around for an hour after work. Back in the day I had a Handsome Dog trials setup that I used to mess around on as a kid but never progressed much, but now with the wonders of the internet I feel like I can really learn. My build has been kick started after getting a cheap Planet X Zebdi on Ebay. My plan is to build a bargain basic rig to learn on and if I keep at it I'll treat myself next summer. I have an assortment of parts that I've had for a while but still need some bits. Can anyone give me any guidance in to some cheap parts I could find used that would get me by for now? Here's what I have so far: Zebdi MK3 frame Planet X Uranus saddle 2 x Alex DM24 rims (got these for free and the freewheel feels knackered, can't identify the hub) Race Face Respond cranks, brand new Shimano Saint BB30 bottom bracket Hydraulic Brake assortment: Avid Elixir, Avid Juicy 5 and Funn F2. Lot of these bits a guy gave me free when I bought a dirt jump frame. Does anyone know where I should look for some cheap flat riser bars? I'm looking for some solid rigid forks on ebay and was thinking of buying a Planet X stem to keep it kind of old school. My main concern is the rear hub and the freewheel. If anyone has some old parts in the shed they want to sell let me know, scouring Ebay is tricky to know what is decent. Tom.
  3. Bit of a necropost. Awesome bike, I just bought a jungle theme version of this frame from ebay I'm gonna build up. Cheers for the info on the brake mount, I'll find a hydraulic V brake instead.