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  1. Also its youtube channel. Videos in slow motion are very helpful.
  2. Here is the final build with the new cockpit and few other old parts waiting for this rig. It rides like a new bike. I am now preserving my back when I pull manuals and bunny hops, it feels more like my dirt. Now, it's time to practice more and more.
  3. I received some new spare parts : fork Echo SL, freewheel 108 pts, chinese shimano crank. I am waiting for my stem/bar and the trashzen's book I put the old fork on a scale and, wow, 1450g so I just saved something like 700g. That's massive and I can definitely feel the difference riding it. The bike feels lighter. It's less stiff, so I am really comfortable on. My arms are less stressed doing back hops, I can longer ride my bike, etc..I am already seeing technical improvements (hop to rear on small rocks and transition). On the other hand, with the new freewheel, It's better, but It's not night and day. I am now practicing my static hops (I can already pass sidewalk steps but not much higher).
  4. Wow, there are some good deals for the ergotec. I already have a front disk brake, a tall handlebar and a 60mm stem on other bikes. I will try to set them on my kst to give it a try before buying parts. I feel can also save a ton of weight on trashing this old squared bottom bracket.
  5. Thank you very much, that's the kind of advice I was looking for (I'm interested to see a pic of your bike). I still have a dirt/street 26" (dartmoor two6player) to play with and I thought it was more convenient to keep the kst in full trial specs, to focus more on trial moves. But, yes, I feel really much more comfortable on my dartmoor on bunny hop and balance. Maybe I should try to swap my stem/handlebar to keep with something I already know.
  6. Thank you so much. I am already follwing some of them
  7. Another question : I feel I am struggling with my old free hub with few engagement points. Do you think it would be interesting to upgrade ?
  8. Hello, I live around Paris in France. I have a street/dirt/downhill riding background experience, but these days I really want to improve my trial skills. So I bought this KST Acidrop 26" from the mid 2000's, because it was very cheap. I can already do some small stuffs like manual (even if it's way harder than on my dirt), back wheel hoping over a step with a pedal kick, jumping over a public bench, etc.. but I feel I have a some big margins for progression. What I am currently working on is my back wheel hop technique to stand longer. I feel I am wasting too much energy pulling with my arm/shoulders, so I try focusing the effort on my legs but it's not that easy. Do you have some advice or tutorial to masterize this technique ? Thank you very much.