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  1. Haha! That is the best way to describe it. I took a much more relaxed approach this week but I do want to get back to some uber techiness now that I got my mojo back. I want to try your brakeless wedgie to late front wheel bonk in LAF. It's on the list.
  2. It's funny, as soon as I start a thread saying "weekly video" I lose all motivation. I still got some clips though and put this together.
  3. Hey Guys, I've been doing the weekly video thing for a while, and I haven't been posting all of them here because that would feel pretty darn weird. I think the single thread thing that Ali and Flipp are doing makes sense. I never started one because I wasn't sure how long this weekly thing would go on, but it seems to be sticking. Also, I've noticed you guys have posted a couple of my vids in another thread, thanks for that! Glad you enjoyed some of them. Here is my first contribution to the thread.
  4. Inspired by Ali C getting out on the Norco. No hops. Filmed in a morning.
  5. Thanks Ross. The I9 is the best hub I've ever had. Unreal engagement. A tight chain and this hub combined makes everything else feel bad! The noise isn't noticeable by me, but everyone else notices it. People ask me what's wrong with my bike. Is there a motor? I scared some guy bad because he thought I was a rattle snake coming up behind him. In the fork, for trials I run the compression open, but max pressure and slowest rebound. The compression is open to save my wrists. For skateparks I close the compression for a good pump and predictable take-offs. Same pressure and rebound always closed. The pike comes with a big spacer in it already. I took it apart and realized it didn't need any more tokens.
  6. I know I just released a video, but I had an inspiration to make this one.
  7. Edit inspired by aener. Music is Keaton Henson - Josella. Riding inspired by a lack of inspiration to push it.
  8. Haha I thought he might've beat me to it! Thanks!
  9. Thank you, the legendary AndyT! I'd say the flash was far ahead of its time. That's why it did so well! If you want a bike for jumping, most modern dirt jumpers would do great. If you want gears and the ability to ride trails, I'd go with something from Chromag personally. Jeff Lenosky is on Reeb I think. I have no experience with them but they look nice too. Not sure about the rear end on those for trials braking though. But yeah, my dream hardtail trail bike would be a chromag.
  10. Apparently I asked a question I should not have asked. I should have chosen to remain ignorant. Now to dig myself into a deeper hole... is there a video of Sam or maybe Martin Soderstrom doing top tier front brake tricks? The best inspiration I've found is the Front Brake Brethren. This video gets me stoked.
  11. Where I'm from the bmx riders all call my bike an MTB. Dj and mtb kinda get lumped together. I've seen bar foot jam combos before, which is why I was surprised to never see it done with a brake. It was pretty easy in the end. It's probably been done by a slope guy messing around with brakes or a bmx guy playing on a dj bike. I asked here because some of you have been around a long time.
  12. I was not stoked on most of the footage when filming this. Then I started editing and this came out! I like it, especially the last clip! Can't get that song out of my head. - hopity, hopity, hop... On a serious note, bar to nose pick might be the first done on MTB? If someone's done it I'd like to know. I'm sure the Front Brake Brethren have done it on bmx.
  13. Anything with a bb higher than +20. Those new echo controls with a 1060 wheelbase and plus 20mm bb. Sexy.
  14. Alex rims DX32 with a grind kicked butt, stayed sharp forever. Mavic D521 with a disk on the front. Those new fangled Chris King hubs. Those messy hydraulic disk brakes. I started wrenching on bikes 15 years ago. I would explode hydraulic disk brakes back then, so I moved to an avid bb7. Best brake of the time.