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  1. Not all trials, but a fair bit. Mostly clips from vlogs that I cut out to put into this edit. Just the riding so you don't need to skip over the vlogging bits Also, At the Drive-in, because those were the days...
  2. Both are possible to bar, but they are both more difficult to bar than dirt-jumpers or BMX bikes. Not because of the saddle, more so the bar position. I'd say between the 2, the arcade was easier, but it may just be because I spent more time on it.
  3. Here are some behind the scenes shots from a day full of shows. Be prepared for weird make-up, aliens, and heavy costumes...
  4. So... I joined the circus. There are pros and cons to this gig. I ride for a living and hang with crazy interesting circus artists! On the other side, I have little free time or energy to ride outside of the shows (19 per week). This video was filmed during a warm up session on a rehearsal day. Now we are into the busy schedule of shows. I will get some clips of the show for a later video. My act is done with a BMX rider as well, so there is a box-jump...fun!
  5. There are some lines I'm stoked on in this one. The weird tree exploration line is one I've ridden by every day on the way to work, and never noticed it. Some lines are repeats from old vids, but I hope it is interesting to get a closer view of them.
  6. As the title says, stupidly small sketchy set-ups in this one. This is how I usually ride when there is no camera around. Maybe half street and half street-trials. Safety glasses were for the may flies that like to dive-bomb eye balls, but they were also fitting for where I was riding.
  7. I am starting to get comfy on it. I've only crashed once so I'm not trying too hard yet, but here is the next vlog with quite a few lines in it. I felt like I was lacking a theme with this one, so it's just riding really.
  8. Yep I'm joining the circus from June until the end of October possibly. I'll be using this bike. Here is the bike check:
  9. Haha glad it was entertaining. The brakes were new so they were still bedding in. They are much quieter now.
  10. You know, I watch lots of vlogs online, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like a complete dork trying a few out. They won't all be trials, and I don't have an upload schedule like most vloggers, but the trialsy ones I make will be posted here...unless I get trolled haha! On to the first trials vlog. I built up a trials bike modelled after Ryan Leech's Manifesto/Moment builds from the early 2000s. That was one of my favourite eras. This is my first trials ride in 6 months, so I'm a bit rusty.
  11. I ignore all the trials traditions when I set up my MTB. I want it to ride like a DH bike, not a trials bike. Imagine trying to ride a trials bike on a DH track! Check out some pro bike-checks and see how they set it up. As for reach, most companies have sizing charts that are very accurate, unless you are a pro going mach 7... in that case you'd go for a longer reach than normal (usually). Stem length is usually 35-50mm, I don't think anyone rides longer than that. Switching between different bikes with opposite set-ups becomes easy with practice. You will feel the benefits of each bikes position. Have fun!
  12. Any skipping yet? I'm thinking about ordering one for a new build...
  13. I think he worked for a different company. Right now there are only a few cirque shows in N.A. that use a trials rider. I'm lucky to be where I'm at.
  14. It's show season again! Currently 50 shows in to a 270 show contract. Here is a video I made by filming a clip or 2 during the morning warm-up. The set is super fun this year.
  15. Another chill ride with the tripod.