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  1. This one has a more old school feeling I think. I really enjoyed this trip. Casual riding not worrying about set-up hops or getting it perfect.
  2. Thanks, Deity TMAC pedals. The best. Huge platform and the most grip I've ever experienced. At first, no footed tricks were difficult because my feet stuck too much.
  3. Damn it now I see it too haha! Could have done more with that line for sure.
  4. I was planning on doing a bunch of big stuff, but I hate injuries and couldn't justify doing those lines, so more tech!
  5. Weather has been pretty bad lately, and I'm in need of a change of scenery to get stoked for a proper video. But, this has been on my mind for a while. The repetitiveness of "creative" street trials. Am I insane? Are these tricks like the smith-nose-bar in the bmx world, where everyone jokes when it's done because everyone does it? Or are they like a clicked, roosted table out of a big quarter, that never gets old?
  6. This was the video that made me get out and ride. I had a great edit all done, but youtube blocked the music, so the above is what ended up happening. Had to use free youtube music.
  7. This one was shot after watching an old Chris Akrigg video.
  8. That is so rad. A true old school street trials bike. Been considering putting a longer stem (90mm up from 35mm) on mine to see what its like.
  9. Haha! That is the best way to describe it. I took a much more relaxed approach this week but I do want to get back to some uber techiness now that I got my mojo back. I want to try your brakeless wedgie to late front wheel bonk in LAF. It's on the list.
  10. It's funny, as soon as I start a thread saying "weekly video" I lose all motivation. I still got some clips though and put this together.
  11. Hey Guys, I've been doing the weekly video thing for a while, and I haven't been posting all of them here because that would feel pretty darn weird. I think the single thread thing that Ali and Flipp are doing makes sense. I never started one because I wasn't sure how long this weekly thing would go on, but it seems to be sticking. Also, I've noticed you guys have posted a couple of my vids in another thread, thanks for that! Glad you enjoyed some of them. Here is my first contribution to the thread.