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  1. Hi all, I've been out of the trials scene for some time and was just wondering where everyone goes these days? Is this forum still the most active? Is tarty bikes pretty much the only online new bikes/parts retailer now? (UK) Are there busy facebook pages with used bikes/parts on? (I know for example that mx5 and mr2 forums for sale sections are dead but facebook pages are rife with for sale items) Hopefully I can get myself a bike soon and get back on it! Cheers, Will
  2. It's been about 3-4 years sinse I rode a trials bike, been riding bmx for the last 7 odd years solid. Had ago on my mates bike a couple days ago and managed to do my biggest get up within about 10 attempts,and he still can't do it.lol. back on track, question is, do I rebuild my old pitbull and get back on it agian? and what are the best websites for trials and vids etc?! where have all the old names gone aswell?!?!?! edd tongue, akrig, hawes.... boohoo. that Danny Macaskill is mad, love the bmx and trials mix! Will