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  1. oh!, nice pic for shin protector promo)
  2. yes, integrated sure, not internal, I made a mistake, sorry)
  3. Hi! Just built it up few days ago, black/white with some red =)
  4. Yep, but Paco was. Thanks to everyone who tried.
  5. Paco wins! Bashring is 16T. But freewheel there is Jitsie 108.9 17T, its been fitted without any problems for chain. Paco, Please pm me ur address and name, i will ship t-shirt to You. Btw, what size do u need? From 2015 model year all Echo frames are with internal headset, so no need any cups!)
  6. No, they are completly serial. No, it is biketrials bike with freewheel gear system.
  7. ok. Let's rise the rates ))) Free shipping No smoke No drinks Onlybikes t-shirt to the MAN )) who will find this detail. P.s.: don't work for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
  8. No, no, no... =) OK Check out the bashring, how do You find it? ))
  9. :bow: but no )
  10. Bing is right about stem! Yes, it is unusual for 26" 165x28 Echo TR stem. But cranks are Echo TR 170mm, usual for 26" bike
  11. no and no )) they are unusiual parts that can be set up on 26" bike.. damn this help note is too straight I'm afraid
  12. Hi, this one is more professional, but with less black )) By the way, can You find here 2 parts which are unusual ? I asked my russian friends to find, they cant do it for long time, untill I said what they are.
  13. yes, tires are poor, but those pads are Jitsie Tr1al black pads, they work good on grinded rims
  14. Hi, black work is here. Full Echo + Neon Single rims + maggie
  15. ONLYbikesTeam rider from Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir Kovalenko, in his new autumn video.