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  1. If I rode around town with Jealousy on the side of my frame I'd probably get slapped for having my head too far up my own arse.
  2. At some point along the way my desk area turned into a chemistry lab/shed and one day the poor rock got attacked with mineral acid. The black shit is just copper and antimony nanoparticles so bacteria won't have much chance of thriving there
  3. Anybody here reckon they could sustain 700 Wotsits on a bicycle for any length of time? Doubt I could ever reach 700, crazy!
  4. Ah, back in the day..
  5. What we do in the shadows. It's a vampire documentary from New Zealand, it's watchable.
  6. One injury can lead to another.. Apparently I now have the shins of a 90 year old lady, whoopie.
  7. I use one to play .avi films and music through the TV. It's running XBian on it which lets you go through any connected HDD and play things using your TV remote, which kinda blew me away.
  8. Yea I'd seen that, he spaced out a rear mech (known back then as a tensioner) to run 2 chains, that must have been back in 2000.
  9. YEAH!
  10. A 1/8" can move side to side more on the sprocket, putting uneven loading on the pins and therefore more wear on the rivets. This is 100% fact maybe.
  11. One form earlier, filmings about as amateurish as it gets, funny though..
  12. This is the link you want.. yea sweet that first spot looks amazing!
  13. Cables can be considered general WEEE so can be recycled. Just put your postcode in here; to find your nearest bank.