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  1. oh yes ! really nice big bike it looks very nice , i think it's a pleasure to ride it take care !
  2. I don't have a helmet , but I want to buy one just the thing that I look very funny with one on my head, but this doesn't matter , my life is more important ! I think I will buy one next week , and yes wear helmet ! it will safe your life !!
  3. i don't know how to tell you to do it , but I have a greate movie , just add me on ym , id killer4all2 , and I'll send you the movie , it isn't too big
  4. adamant it's soooo nice , i recomend it the echo control is nice too but adamant is better in my opinion maybe u should try to ride on the bikes .. to see what geometry you like
  5. yap...really nice video but wear the helmet it's dangerous and I'm sorry for that gap
  6. hmmm , not so nice
  7. I really want to buy a rear rim , this rims are awsome ... where can I buy one from ? and i have to tell you that I am from Romania :|
  8. this is my bike :| frame Magellan Tucana 2005 front brake : Magura Julie rear brake : Magura hs33 tyres : IRC KUJO 2.25 , MAXXIS MINION 2.5 handlebar : Tryall Yourself Replica 74 front rim : Remerex Jumbo rear rim : SunRims Mammoth
  9. i think the crushes are a negativ aspect
  10. ohooo the frame was very cheap ... and i love the fork :X:X
  11. nice riders... nice bike .. pretty site
  12. oh no..the colour is really nice and unique
  13. ohhh yes...really nice forks
  14. I think you should try echo
  15. ohh....very bad moment :| I hate the time when I fall too on the back