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Just Introducing Myself


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Hi, I just thought i should introduce myself,

I currently have a Team Saracen Mad 26" stock bike which i have had since this Christmas, so as you can imagine, I'm not that good yet. Theres an industrial estate near my house which I go to ride on most weekends and i meet some friends there and they're all quite good, so I find it good to watch what they're doing and pick up tips. I find that one of the best ways to learn. There is also a school in my village which has some good places to trial like steps and some half decent walls.

I'm thinking of selling my 26" though to a friend because i seem to be getting tyre pinches and being a big lad at 13 stone, that can't help much either. I end up spending more time replacing inner tubes than riding! I suppose its because I haven't got the nack of Smooth landings and I land on corners of bricks and curbs a lot. I will probably get a 20" because i hear they're easier to hop about on, and aren't so prone to tyre pinches. I'm learning to 'splat' at the minute and finding it hard to get up even small walls (1 foot or so). Does anyone have any tips that they'de like to share?


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