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iv have just built up a new trials bike.(old one got stolen)its looking a fairly good speck.i am running a onza trex frame at the moment but was looking for something a bit beter.any advice.i am also quite short but i like a fairley long frame.


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Depending on your price range you have a few options, there are various, different frames avaliable.

Now, I have only just got back into riding after 2 years, in which time, the trials scene has changed alot, however, with the trials scene round my area being quite good, I have ridden numerous stock frames/bikes.

It all depends on whether you want high bb or low bb. From personal expirience, I've found low BB bikes generally tap, manual and static flat gap better, overall the bike feels more stiff and not as flicky as the high bb range.

The high bb also have there advantages, they sidehop really really well due to the front end been really high, hooks and front wheel gaps are also alot easier, the bike doesn't feel as stiff as a low bb bike, but is alot more flicky.

For the low bb, I would definatly recomend the Echo control, which can be brought from Tartybikes. Having ridden my friends one of these, it's probably the nicest riding low bb stock i have ridden, taps really easy, flat gaps are also not a problem.

The high bb side of things would have to be the GU TP 2008, rode one of these bikes on a group ride and it just felt so damn flicky and easy to ride, sidehops were just so easy, it was as though you floated up the wall without any effort, it was good, but strange. Front wheel gaps were also really easy, due to the high front end. As for hooks, i can't comment because I can't hook. Once again, these are avaliable from Tartybikes.

Just take your time and have a good think about what you want dude.


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