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Vee Brakes


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Ok so i have rock blue pads on sd3 arms and zhi adapters on my Czar 26.

Because the vee boss is really low i have to run the pads really high in the rail so i dont really get full range of adjustment out of them. Basically, my left pad keeps like twisting so its sideways on the rim.

I managed to get it to stop a little while ago and used my bike alot. The squeak you get from tar and a grind was loud and happened when the bike was going forward and backwards. I just went on a ride and the pad twisted again so i set it back and tightened it down but now it only squeaks when the bike is going backwards. Like it feels really sorta mushy moving forwards. And it just sounds like rubbing then like a really soft high pitched wail when you pull it really hard. Like they have ok power i guess but there is no bite moving forwards.

I dont really know whats going on, the pads arnt toed in but on hits only like 7/8's on the rim because the adaptors.

So what the hell is going on, my brakes were so nice at the start of the ride now their frustratingly bad??

Also: does anyone know where i can get spares for my avid ultimates, i know there was a thing bout using a shimano piece or w/e. I need the right side brake arm spring kit. I have the spring i just need the assembly that goes under the arm??? Help Anyone??

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Sounds like your brake pad has toed itself in after you adjusted it. Have a look to see if the leading edge of the brake pad touches the rim before the trailing edge. If this is the case readjust it flat to the rim and the brake will feel solid again (And squeak when dragged in either direction). Toe in is the solution for noisy brakes in normal XC bikes where the brake is mostly used t control speed rather than as an on/off wheel lock :)...

As for spares, if your local shop does a lot of SRAM stuff they might have spares or be able to order them. Given they're the parts most prone to breaking on the brakes, spares should be available unless Avid isn't bothered selling spares at all.

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The big distributers of Avid in ottawa are Norco and Lambert and neither of them carry the parts i need. Should i call sram directly??

I dont think the pad is toed in though it looks really flat to me. This is a usuallly occurence. For some reason one pad sits really nicely in the middle of the braking surface and the other just bairly hangs on the inside of the other.

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Sounds like the rim isn't running centered on the hub if that's the case. Unless one pad is a lot more worn that the other they should both sit at the same level in each brake arm. adjust wheel dish (The more common term for rim centering) as follows;

1, Make sure the wheel is fitted the full way (vertically) into the dropouts of the frame - this might be all that's causing the problem.

2. Once the wheel is seated compare the clearance between the rim and the frame (Not the tyre and frame) to see which side you need to move the rim to.

3. Starting at a spoke by the valve hole, work your way around the rim tightening each spoke that goes to the hub on the side you're trying to move the rim to by 1/2 a turn and loosening the spokes that go to the other side of the rim by the same amount until you get back to the valve hole. This should shift the rim to one side without affecting the trueness of the wheel.

4. If the rim is still off centre repeat step 3 until it isn't...

You might get further by calling SRAM, but I've no idea what their customer service is like. Finding an email address off their website and trying that might work too - just keep the email brief, specific and polite...

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For some reason one pad sits really nicely in the middle of the braking surface and the other just bairly hangs on the inside of the other.

Have you tryed re-positioning the v-daptors?

Move the bolt to the outside hole, so the canti mount is closer to the rim.

Oncs the vee is fully set up again, the pad should now be able to adjust upwards more than before - and not be hanging half on/off the rim :)

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yeah im pretty sure the rim is outta dish, Ill endevor to fix that, will this affect wether the tire rubs the frame.

The way its set up right now the left side is all the way out on the adapter and the right side is in the middle.

I cant find an email for Sram or Avid but ill give them a call this week.

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