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Chain/cog Issue


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Ive changed my T-rex to running 16-14, all was well until i snapped my skinny 6spd chain. I decided to buy a bmx chain. At first my fixed onza tensioner would not keep tension and keep slipping. I decided to fit a dérailleur, being a shimano sora. I spaced it out to allow the use of a bmx chain but not it keeps on skipping. Ive tried numerous ideas but none of them work. Basicly what happens is that as i peddle along the chain rises at the back of the rear cog and then slips forward. It happens with every crank turn and is not random. Any ideas on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated.

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Old/worn cogs? New cogs and new chainring

How much chain wrap do you have? Covers roughly half the cog

How straight is your mech hanger? Perfectly straight

How is your chainline? Leaves the chain ring straight and enters/leaves the cog straight

I even tried to reposition the cog to see if it was the chainline but to no prevail.

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I was in the same position as you twice, and found the problem to be chain length...

The first time I used a halflink bodged into a KMC Kool (chain wasn't logn enough to take a full link out of, but too long not to skip). This sorted me out and stopped the skipping.

The second time was very recently and again found the chain to be too long, even though it wasn't hugely loose. I was running a 74Kingz and this pulled the chain away from the cog, reducing chainwrap. I then bought a Rohloff and that pushed the chain right up next to the cog, increasing chainwrap and stopping all skipping.

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If it is rising ofd of the back of the sprocket, then it sounds like you just have a stiff link. If this is the case grab the chain on each side of the link and flex it back and forth, this should solve your problem.

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