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Danny Mac In Dundee Today


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so im walking down the street today to work, and there is a tonna of bikes about, one with like 7 people on it all facing each other with one person steering, anyway, looked over, and saw someone do a tailwhip drop off.

Couldn't believe how unlucky i was as there was two of them, they had donw two shows yesterday and two today. Think the boy on the Mod broke his freewheel, had I known i'd have brought my monty down and sorted him out but ah well.

anyway, from what very very little i did see, it was really well done, and drew a great crowd aswell, well done guys, IMO you seemed to be the main attraction.

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hey man that wouldhave been me! yeh freewheel blew up on me but manged to a new one fitted for the next show!was a pretty sweet weekend. crowds in dundee were well cool. dodnt realise dundee had a trials rider everyone we spoke to thought there wasnt any.

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I was wanting to get over to talk to you guys but had to go to work :( there was a guy I saw a year ago on a python and me, but I havnt rode here as my bikes been bust, and there is nothing to ridein the way of natural.

Anyway good job everyone seemed to be well engaged!

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