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He runs them on his bike and he's never had problems though.. And he's hardly ever on here.

cheers, Ben.

u know my skills wont be able to harm any part of my bike but myself.

so, whats the problem with urban?

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No, death forks. Zoo! Pitbull 07 forks from Www.tartybikes.co.uk

yeah thanks mate

that tartybikes website seems wuite useful

cheers :)

to be honest mate i would stick with some rigid forks especially if you are new to the sport. if you dont want to shell out loads look at the onza tuf guy forks theyre under £40 and a fairly durable fork.

yeah okay thanks

i'd rather spend a bit of money

so that it will hopefully.... ;)

benefit me in the long run

and i'll have a better bike to ride

echo urban

yeah maybe

but from what people have said

not so sure lol

Cheers :turned:

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