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New Stem And Bars?


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So i can't afford a new frame but i think a new stem and bar set up might liven up my bike a bit? currently got the new style ZOO! bars, and a V!Z forged stem. my bike doesn't feel lively like a higher BB frame, would lowering the rise change this? help please :) Simtra st1 frame

Wheelbase: 1085mm

Chainstay Length: 380mm

BB Rise: 20mm

Head Angle: 72 degrees

Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 680mm (26.75)

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what geo would you suggest for the SL stem?

You'll want the 138mm x 25°. Dave Kerr runs one on his Echo Control and it rides lush.

I'd recomend the Tartybikes stem with Trialtech Sport bars, I run that on my Zhi Z2 (similar geo to yours, just +40bb) and it feels good. I've also got 25mm of stackers beneth it, so effectively makes my bb the same height as yours I guess?

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might try it with an original zoo mod stem for funzies this weekend :P

Ozzy what geo would you suggest for the SL stem?

the 138x25 and have trial tech bars but tilt them slightly forward, the perfect 26" bar and stem combo imo. x

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Guys have you ever ridden a Simtra? You're recommending bar/stem combos for other frames!

138x25 is too long and too high, I had a 130x30 before and it was nasty, they have a +20bb, 72HA and short stays, this spells fairly low, fairly short stem. :P

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