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  1. just thought i'd pop in and wish my most popular post a belated happy 11th birthday
  2. i'm a postie, and i'm f**king tired of this lockdown now. it's been like christmas for 6 weeks at work. my partner had gone sick on week 1, so i've been covering 2 rounds more or less by myself since, if i take my day off then whoever covers my round will fail most of it so i end up having to do more to catch up. they've slashed overtime spending, so i'm losing out about 150 quid a week cause i'm still working just as hard to stay on top of the workload. people are being shitty to me, i'm sick of people 'not hearing' me knock cause they're farting about in the garden, or still in f**king bed.or having a go at me for knocking to loud on their door. people don't see us in the street so i waste so much time waiting for people to pass by or have to go wide of them cause it's to hard to get out of my way when your f**king about on your one trip out a day. i thought people wouldbe skint or calm down after a month but it's relentless.
  3. that is part of a conveyer belt mechanism for testing if aircraft can take off if the speed of the belt matches the speed of the plane.
  4. you could run 5 gears on a pro2 which would be better for stunts..
  5. get some echo urbans and pretend they're fatty Rs?
  6. how the f**k is that boti?
  7. you can improve the performance with a few cheap upgrades. some quality levers and some fresh brake cables will make a huge difference to the feel. i think the ones i linked come with a set of cables too.and some proper trials pads will also help. you can also grind your rims. as for different bikes, bigger wheels and bigger bikes can be more forgiving, and because they're bigger they give you more leverage so you can make bigger moves, at a trade off of manoeuvrability (you will overcome this with practice) and bigger tyres will offer more grip too. if your tall you'll find them much comfier although i'm 6ft and rode mod for years quite happily. ride as many bikes as you can and get a feel for what you like. and find other people to ride with and you'll progress a lot faster..
  8. i think this post got me into the dollop (or one of the mentions of it on TF). i'm off to see them live tomorrow! thanks
  9. ooh memories, what a fun time.
  10. thousand quid back from mr taxman
  11. i have a bit. i used a garmin vivo, i found that i needed to use an external hrm to get accurate and consistent hrm readouts, the optic sensor isn't good enough when your being that physical, so factor that into your budget and choice. i imagine this will still be the case with any optic sensor. i would just tell it i was doing cardio and it would do the rest.
  12. also this exception
  13. people who call bicycle forks 'front forks' annoy me so much. when bike journalists do it i wanna hit them with my car..
  14. police behaviour at extinction rebellion is disgusting.