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  1. back pain is very normal, your upper body does alot of the work in trials. i remember aching like f**k as a teen when i was learning.
  2. dem forks, dose tyres, assuming hope hubs?
  3. i'd anodise that f**ker purple and work out how to muel drugs with it
  4. waterlines are awesome. caught up with jake deakin here this week
  5. one month on. they're getting bigger and i'm starting to save myself and catch mistakes that i couldn't before, about 6-8s in you can really see me catching it for scale here is one of the elites bounce surfing...
  6. enjoyed the riding thats not a war memorial at 3.50 odd is it?
  7. message me on whatsapp andi'll put you in touch with a load of the locals and send you some pins for riding places. i'll dm you now
  8. what gear ratio freehub/freewheel do you run. whats your budget?
  9. it looks like it does
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4crosH8GIPI hope the embed works,after 10 months of slacklining i'm starting to surf some bigboy lines and i'm really proud and happy with this
  11. slam that hub and make a spoke tensioner
  12. i'd like to throw some extra love at ben, when i went to uni in Sheffield he showed me alot of the spots and took me to the rocky stuff outside of the city. i'm grateful for that. thanks dude
  13. i think i saw someone doing it once when i was a kid, (i might have made that memory up though). i used to do modest dirt jumping when i was like 12-14 and the place we dug in was destroyed by the council. still wanting to bike one of the guys suggested trials and i got my first bike age 15 (2005/2006). everyone who suggested it quit and i roped a school friend into it with me, we stuck at it for 8-9 years before injuries forced him out. i started a full time job and moved to london in 2015. i found organising rides difficult and not very time efficient, and riding street by myself started to feel awkward. so i started rowing and then slacklining where the community was stronger and more convenient. and my enthusiasm for riding started to fall off because i didn't have many people to ride with and it felt like alot of effort to get out. i'm sure if i had a field of rocks or a more consistent local scene i'd have stuck at it. i still enjoy the content and i like seeing how much the bikes are improving. i still own a bike that i'd like to get out on this summer though. i guess more culture, social scene, and more venues would have helped me stay in it
  14. if it's not a mission then it could be a base or an onza, measure the dropouts and the headset to find out