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  1. look at an inspired 26, it's probably the closest you'd get to that pashley feel, they're obscenely well made too. what and how were you riding back in 2004? mods have gotten very extreme compared to what they were back in your day, they're very high bb and 'twitchy' and are so far from how bmxy they used to be. i started in 2005 and i don't realy ride alot now but they standard of kit is f**king amazing now.
  2. i took a shit in the street walking home from a night out whilst on the phone to my mate, i was minutes from my house. i didn't know about this till they called me the next day telling me to change and shower. this will happen again this year.
  3. i'm near to edmonton (chingford) i have a 20 i want to sell...
  4. my 26 is going tonight, i like the guy whos getting it so that makes it feel better? i know i'm not going to make time for it anymore. and i still have the mod if i get the itch. slacklining is still progressing and is tickling all those feelings trials used to give me without ruining my shins. i managed to stay up on the line for 1 hour and 11 minutes just going back and forth tonight
  5. gross tangent but one of the first small time, small town videos that a mate made has this song and you've taken me back to being a filthy teenager and i'm thankful.
  6. met a family in the woods yesterday whilst slacklining, got them having a go and the mum started ribbing the dad for a unicycle that he never uses. it's now mine i also met the serious slackliners in london and it was incredible, got to use loads of kit and try some big ol' lines and my understanding of the hobby beyond the ratchet sets i've been using has improved massively. i'm f**king smitten with slacklining. it's really nice to be teenagishly enthusiastic for a hobby again. yay
  7. just spunked nearly 1k on car insurance, but that is year 4 of 5, so hopefully this time next year i'm gloating about cheap insurance. if not i'm setting fire to a luxury vehicle parked near mine in 12 months time.
  8. if your buying a ska new, you could get a rad bike second hand, which i'd recommend cause the ska is functioning but awful, you want fancy brakes and a good freewheel off the bat or you'll be even more put off by the steep learning curve.
  9. it's exciting to see all this happening after giving you a lift from heathrow
  10. any standard bottom bracket i ran one of these so i presume it's a 68mm shell as a little bit of the BB poked out if memory serves. or are you meaning the newer press fit version? i'd imagine the echo press fit one would work but i'd call tartys just in case.
  11. i'll probably have that off you where are you located or are you happy to post? 07916927708
  12. Dont have the money for a 5 month holiday...
  13. my now ex girlfriend is in mexico, i was going out in january for 5 months, due to our new relationship status i've just found out i've blown 650 quid on flights i won't be using and i can't get a refund. ouch.
  14. you need to learn to wind up the bike with what space you have, it will feel awkward but it'll get easier with practice
  15. yeah it's a gibbon surfer, i'm looking at picking up a 100m kit in a few weeks. this weekend i got out with an old trials buddy who's now into drones; linky the footage is his live fpv feed so the quality isn't superb but it's super fun