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New Phat Pads....


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Hey guys

i have been looking around and seen there is new phat pads with the metal backings and apparently are so strong they hold on a smooth rim in the rain

I am running some heatsink reds in plastic backings and most of the material is still there, just wondering, is it worth buying these new phat pads, my pads are failing on my ground rim, slipping and worn squint and these new phatties look mint!

Is it worth it?

Thanks if you have any help,

Kieran :)

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There good for lock,bite,noise mine dident hold very well

my tnns were the other way round loads of bite and no noise,bite etc

Heatsink yellows are mint..There work a look into

Heatsink coust are very good all round pad

Onza citrus are good aswell

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