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converting giant stp ss to trials


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i have bought a giant stp ss 2011 recently to ride street-trials but the gear ratio is really really anoying . specially when doing trials moves

crank : 28 t rear sprocke : 12 t

i wanted to change crank to trial crank but my friend said you must change the chain to trial too and it wont work with your rear sprocke .

im confused what i should do .. is it possible to change the rear sprocke too ?


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Normaly a 26" trial bike uses a 18x15 gearing,

your probably better buying a longer chain and fitting a larger tear spocket

the problem is that i dont know if i can set a trial Rear Sprocket on that rear hub ...

and i dont think a single speed rear hob with that big size is available

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What type of fitting on the rear sprocket is it, screw on or slide on with splines? Should should be able to get a bigger sprocket for the rear and a front with a ratio to match (I use 22 front 19 rear, old school ratio but have always used that and it works for me)

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those giant hubs are these as standard. you can unscrew the lock ring and fit any shimano cassette spocket to it.

i would use a halo fat foot cog u would need a 23t cog thou.

surely do a 22T cog


well i think tahts what im looking for .. thank you

one more question

will taht work with the chain my crank works ?

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You will need a new chain, the new gears will need a longer chain may as well get yourself a kmc 610 or kmc kool while your replacing it then you'll have a good relable chain too.

second that n the forks some tall alloy trial forks like inspired elements. Or trialtech ones would make it better for tgs or pure trials, thou if you are planning a more street style you may be better looking into some light sus forks, if you like front suspension on you trial bike

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