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disc rotor has a mirror finish


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hey my front disc rotor has a mirror like finish on the braking surface. i've never noticed this on rotors before. my brake performs fine most of the time, but occasionally lets me down. should i be bothered? is there a way i can get the finish back to 'normal'

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Sounds like you have glazed your disc and pads, leaving the wheel on your bike get some fine sandpaper and lightly pinch the disc and spin in the normal rotation of the disc add a small amount of water and keep spinning until the water goes a dark gray, repeat until your happy that the shine has gone.

Then get a clean rag and wipe of the gray water, repeat again but with brake cleaner let it dry, wipe of what's left and you should be done for the disc.

Muc-off brake clean should do the job or clutch an pad cleaner for motorbikes

For you your pads do the same pretty much the same thing lightly sand with water until the pad goes dull, rinse of with warm water then let them dry.

When your braking the pads back in take it easy on them no sharp braking or holding on brake well as riding as fast as you can you don't want the disc getting hot, this will glaze again. Just ride at a steady pace and apply the brake until you stop, do it a few times and they should start biting

If this happens again it could be down to the pad being worn if so replace the pads and repeat the above

I had the same problem not so long ago and this done the trick perfectly.

Hope this helps

Scratch all of the above

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Mirror finish is good. If it's not mirrored, then it's not bedded in. Sanding the disc will make the brake worse, and you'll have to bed it in again.

Sounds like contamination, do not use brake cleaner or this will ruin the brake!

Cold, clean water is the best thing. Splash it all over the rotor, the drag the brake on and off gently while riding at slow jogging pace, just 'scrubbing' not pulling hard. Add more water, repeat, keep going until the water on the rotor runs clear. Let it dry then away you go.

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