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Suddenly-ish got the urge.

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Been fancying another bike for a while, I'm not exactly good but enjoy riding trials, for the very little I can do.

My mate told me to go to his today he wanted me to look at something, turned out to be a 2010 Onza Bird, with a Maggy HS33 on the rear, he works in a tip and someone had throw it away in parts, so he wanted me to check it over and build it up for him.

Got it all built up, just needs a front brake, but aside from that it's good to go.

Getting my hands dirty on one again has really re-kindled a spark so I fancy something new but having not been in the scene for quite a good while, I'd like some advice on what to look for.

20" is my favourite size but I'd consider a 26" as well as I enjoyed riding those too.

Budget; well I don't really have one, I don't want to spend a silly amount just in case plans don't pan out and it doesn't last long before the 'novelty' has worn off for us both.

I rather like his to be honest, but can't find one anywhere for sale, so just wondered what sort of thing I should be looking at?

Obviously it'll be second hand, and I'd like to keep it below about £250 if possible.

Not bothered if it's anything fancy, because if I do get into it, I can pile some money into the brakes and whatnot.

Judging by eBay, I should be able to get something reasonable, but just don't really know what to search for anymore.

Anyone got any suggestions in either 20" or 26" flavour? :)

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