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2018 Czar Neuron 26"


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Back in the summer of 2020, my old Czar 26 was stolen. It was my all time favorite bike and I was completely devastated by it's loss. That summer was the height of the Covid pandemic and any bike was hard to come by so I grabbed the last Hex that Tarty had. The Hex was fine, but it wasn't my Czar. After the Hex, I got my Crewkerz Guilty and I was in love all over again. The Guilty remains the best bike I've ever owned. Then, late last year, I found a 2018 Czar frame, still new, in a shop in Japan. I just couldn't resist the urge so I jumped through all the hoops of international shipping and now it's mine. The color wouldn't have been my first choice, but I might change it later. My friend called the color 'sad carrot'. I'm still breaking it in, but it feels like home...




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The first thing I did when I got the frame was pop out the Spanish/Isis BB and put in 2437 bearings for Shimano cranks. I did it a little different than last time. Since the Spanish bearings are 9mm wide and the 2437s are 7mm wide, I made up the difference with 2mm spokes bent into washers of a sort. It's only been out for 3 rides, but so far so good.


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