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Get Me A Front Freewheel......


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sorry title is meant to say GOT me a front freewheel

well yesterday i got my front freewheel off trialsuk and it is lush.

before i was running a hope xc on a viz rim with middleburn cranks with the 16tooth bachguard.

i loved it, felt nice. i was used to the engament because i have never had another hub apart from the hope. it was all good but i wasnt happy with the gearing too much.

now i fitted all my front freewheel system.

taken off the acs putting on the eno.

fitting bb

trueing wheel

setting it all up.

i had a few problems along the way. but they were just tight threads. nothing a tap couldnt sort out.

so i fianlly got out riding about 12 30. i started at 11.

first impressions oh my god the engagment of the eno freewhelel is emense. i love it. the sould is also very kewl. it feels solid.

the cranks. try all cranks feel very stiff and nice. the bb aslo was very nice and solid feeling.

the rear try all hub is uber leetus. i think it looks so kewl and because of the 6 speed cassette the flanges are wider apart so hopefully the wheel should br strong,

i rode for about 5 hours that day and all day it felt nice. i felt like i was riding better and smoother aswell.

i love the front freewheels. there woot.

im also very bored at college and i thought i would let you know about the new items.


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