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  1. After owning an E36 318i S i can definitely say that it really is a great motor, not massive amounts of power, but it just feels so right, although a sixth gear would be nice for motorway cruising, 4k rpm at 80 isn't that quiet. Mine had 190k on the clock and it still ran smooth as silk. One thing i will say is please for the love of god don't buy a compact, the arse on those things is so high it makes me cry every time i see one. Edit: This is assuming the e46 has the same engine and box, which is probably a huge mistake. And also be prepared for steep repair bills, bmw parts are not cheap. , P.s Sunnybadger, your motor is a far cry from that beautiful rover you used to own. I'm not sure which i prefer.
  2. I never post, but this has to be done. Isn't that Luke Rainbird?! The pimp, obviously.
  3. Anyone in the south-east who wants to comment on my chances of getting from plymouth to hastings on sunday? Driving that is. From what ive seen doesnt look good...
  4. I used to have it constantly. Whenever i woke up i was always so sure that would be the day id perfect manuals, but it was not to be. They seem a lot harder in real life.
  5. I know, but its far wetter than hastings, and i thought moving there would improve the weather. To put it bluntly, im dissapointed.
  6. You've obviously never been to plymouth
  7. Haha, anyone spot the one area without snow? Yep thats right guys, its plymouth, the wettest place on earth.
  8. Well i dunno about other people, but the weather down here makes riding in a straight line a challenge, trying to get enough traction for anything vaguely trials related is nigh on impossible. Getting kinda sick of the stuff, finally managed to get my car to a garage after about 45 mins of floundering around on icy slopes, i either want a foot of it or none.
  9. But you would never see things like the NWS topic on here would you? Some of the funniest stuff the world's ever seen was in there.
  10. Street? I assume you mean tgs, in which case, anything designed by cls is always going to be purely for that. I dont know if i really like the new range of onza stuff, props for pushing the market, but it's just not to my taste.
  11. /Unnecessary rant about people who cant spell retarded but dare to call people stupid. Removed. I do love OTN though, amazing stuff.
  12. Surely trials is still bigger than its ever been though? I mean, there must be more people who know about the sport/ride these days, what with all the coverage Mr Macaskill's got and all that. I would hate for it to just die a sudden death. Although to be honest, most of the people i know who ride are slowly loosing interest, maybe its a teenage thing.
  13. Try them, the chocolate digestive one is awesome.
  14. If you didn't take so damn long to drink it, it may not have curdled quite so much.
  15. DUU is definitly the right code, if you were looking at DDU that might explain it! I've done a bit of searching and it is possible it might fit (although if its an o2k/j then it probably would), but without solid evidence i wouldnt really wanna waste any dollar...