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Alex 3 - Trials 0 :d


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God, i've just come back from a three hour one player session on my t-pro and GOD have i improved, i think today was "the" day everything clicked, before i couldn't hop on the back wheel more than about three times, today i did about 30 odd!

It just clicked today, and my brain was like "ohhhhhhh i get you" and also this lead to me being able to pedal stroke everywhere, like push forward, brake, push forward, brake, which before i could only do about two!

I'm chuffed to bits, as i've wanted to do it for so long.

Do you guys remember any days like this?

Alex :(

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Yes i do, when i first learnt to pedal kick it took me a while, but when i eventually got the hang of it i was well happy with myself. It was the same when i was learning megaspins, they are a pretty hard move but now i can do a 360 effortlessly. With trials, it just takes a bit of patience, or sometimes alot of patience depending on what your trying to do :("

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