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Setting Up Counterstrike, Help!


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Right me, anal and a few others have downloaded the first half life, for summat to do. And we wanna play over the net.

Now, do we have to use counter strike? More importantly, HOW do we use counterstrike?

Ive tried updating my half life, but it says I have version 1 1.0, and needs updating, but there are no current updates availiable?! wtf?

So basically, how do we get online against each other in the simplest way

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You need to update Steam.

You have to use counterstrike to play online. Half-life is a singleplayer game only.

You 'downloaded' HL, therefore i'm assuming you have no legite CD key?

If true then Steam will not let you update, and therefore not let you play.

There are ways around this, look around on the net.

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True I downloaded HL, but isnt there any other way to play CS without steam?!

You can with version 1.5. But I think you still need a valid CD key, unless you're playing over a LAN. Just buy it you cheapskate - it's like £3 or something daft :blink:

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