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Profile Hub Bearings


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I ordered some profile hub bearings for the driver (2, i already have 2 of them). They havent arrived yet and i really wanna ride this weekend....so do you think it'd be alright to run only 2 bearing cartridges in the driver rather than 4? The bearings were sent about 3 days ago and havent arrived because of royal snail mail :blink: so it may be a while till i get them....

but do you think itd be alright to do it temporarily?



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sorry to hear that your bearings have not turnd up :blink:

dont ride with 2!!!

thay put 4 in for a reason so you must need all 4 and you dont wont to brack it moor do you.

hope thay come soon


well you can run with 2 bearings but the other 2 you are missing are also providing support on your axle so its not advisable-if you ride like that for too long youll have a bent axle

but if its only for this weekend then go for it-just dont do big moves harshly :)

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Cheers all. I put it on with 2 bearings - one on either side of the driver, on the inside. It doesnt look like itll stress the axle too much, as its supported a lot by the bearinfs and washer already in inside. I'll ride it tonight and see how it goes, and i just wont do any drops etc.

It feels AWESOME!

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