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  1. Property and car/machinery maintenance alongside my farm seem to keep me rather well occupied!
  2. Another Vote for the Markus, I bought mine 7 years ago when I slipped a disc but needed to keep doing uni work and it's still spot on comfort wise now. I know a few other people with them and they rave about them too!
  3. I've got the white ones on my BMX, they are bloody brilliant!
  4. Awesome stuff Dan!
  5. The Raptor paint on my trailer has chipped way too much considering what its intended for, certainly not the be all end all of paint finishes!
  6. @forteh check out paintless dent removal kits, worked for my minor dents on the van
  7. I needed to build a bar for my upcoming wedding, so why not use up an old piano that's been in my workshop for 2 years... It was very knackered and needs lots of TLC to get it to stay together but it's solid enough now. So far I've gutted it, lined it out, made space for a mini fridge, and made it so the front completely hinges and creates a canopy for lights. I've never sprayed wood paints before, nor water based so that was fun.
  8. @Tom Booth I got myself some aluminium channel, it's far better now
  9. @Tom Booth I plan to get some Z purlin and replace the wood altogether eventually, the trouble is local suppliers didn't have any in stock or less local ones wanted very high postage (Understandably) so the wood had to do for the up coming jobs! We didn't get issues from cement sticking yesterday, but the ballast did cause a couple of small splinters that left a light mark, this ended up being the least of our worries as a bird decided it wanted to have fun on the slab last night and has left its mark It'll get covered in mud anyway so doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The machine did it's job well so we can't grumble!
  10. I need a beam screed as I have a load of concreting to do on the farm and it makes for a far better quality finish than doing it by hand. We rented one last time we did some and it was great, the trouble is it was £150 for 3 days and we need one for 2 weeks and then again later this year. They are £1500 new which is absolutely ridiculous and command decent prices secondhand. They are very basic, using an off balance shaft driven by the engine to vibrate the beam, bringing air to the surface and creating a decent surface for outdoors or for further trowelling later if you want it super smooth. So I delved into my scrap bin for my finest rusty off cuts, ordered some bearings, pulleys and a belt. I found a Honda GX160 clone for £50, shoved a new carb on and gave it a service and it ticked over as good as new. Some choppy choppy, melty stick, recycled belt guard, sloppy paint, crossed fingers later and I have a menacing, vibrating, piece of wood with an engine on top! Under £100, a day to build and it seems to work when running on a solid surface, it'll get its maiden run tomorrow
  11. @Pete.M I didn't make mine, they are from CJ Autos. They are pretty crude and my first set snapped in half, they swiftly replaced them with a new better made set (but still a bit shit) and they have been fine since, mine are the HD versions. For the price I am disappointed with them quality wise, I've had several issues with the hydraulics too, again they have swiftly sent new parts but I still feel miffed that I've had to deal with these problems. If you want some photos/dimensions for copying and improving then let me know When they aren't falling apart they are bloody handy and I can't be without them now!
  12. Crumbs, that things a bit naughty isn't it! Nice work (and driving!). Please tell me you will make it road legal....
  13. @Tom Booth Just cancel on him, if he is already a dick then he won't be any better when you actually meet him. I had this with my T25, got fed up with retards turning up offering sod all
  14. The unit is impressive but getting it into your house is even more impressive! Nice work!
  15. I have had some fun making an attachment for my little digger. I have quite a lot of soil with bricks and rubble in to sort through and wanted to screen it fairly effortlessly, unfortunately they start from around £4000 and my budget wasn't going to stretch to that. So this is a soil screener built from scrap, mostly an old cement mixer and fertiliser spreader, the only new parts are the guide wheels, rubber mounts, hydraulic pump and hoses. The plan was to keep the cost at £500 all in...including labour! Landrover gearbox mounts keep the hydraulic motor and guide wheels isolated from vibration, longboard wheels for the guides and an old ram piston was perfect for the bracket pins! It's rough and ready but seems to be solid enough for my needs, the wall thickness of that tubing is pretty mighty! Unfortunately I've not had soil dry enough to test it properly but it is working pretty well with the wet stuff I've got so I have no doubt it'll work fine when dry!