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  1. Fair enough, I guess you probably don't have massive bits of steel handy either like I was fortunate enough to, I need to get round to shoving in a massive hydraulic ram to up the oomph a bit more
  2. Pfft, should of made your own out of scrap
  3. Dick move, I'd be steering well clear of him.
  4. Cheers chaps, I'll just give them a quick spray and put some dirt jumper stickers on and hope they sell! I sold some wobbly worn out base level Pikes for £50 recently, the amount of people that wanted them was ridiculous!
  5. Are you still swapping it for that other mahoosive tank? I got myself a MOMO Corse steering wheel and boss for the Porsche as well as a stack of other parts are accumulating in a heap ready for when I make a space in my workshop for the Porsche to live. I've been a bit switched off from cars for the past few years but suddenly I feel pretty excited to get stuck in and crack on, that will probably last all of 5 minutes once it's in pieces and I realise how shit it is again
  6. My concern is I don't massively want it to break mid turn! Did your budget one seem as well made as the branded ones Adam?
  7. I've just bought a Momo steering wheel for my 924, it came with an MX5 MK2.5 boss which unfortunately isn't suitable so I need a correct one. I've seen a variety available online, from branded to suspiciously cheap. Are there any particular ones to go for/avoid?
  8. 2.5kg iirc for the steel stanchion versions, the alloy versions were much lighter though Any idea of value of these? The prices seem to vary wildy and i know longer travel straight steerer 1 1/8th forks are sought after as they are thin on the ground. I was thinking £80-100 with a respray, fresh decals, seals and oil
  9. Thats some lovely work @Tom Booth if mine is half that glossy then I'll be happy... I've just sold my T25 Doka which means I now have a cash injection for the Porsche sooner than I expected! I need to get clearing some space for it in the workshop and then the strip down can start so I'm quite excited now. I'll get sorting the electrical and mechanical issues first, these should be fairly simple to sort so it won't be long at all before I'm getting the bodywork sorted
  10. Yeah that was my thoughts but the long travel was confusing me! The dirt jumper series seems to have adjusters too, which these don't
  11. These came with a bike I bought recently but I'm not actually sure which model they are and I was wondering if anybody knew? They appear to be Marzocchi judging by the M arch (Suntour built possibly?) They have 140m travel There are no adjusters top or bottom There is a 20mm through axle help on by pinch bolts (The QR bit doesn't look original) They weight a ton! I can't find anything like them spec wise, I wondered if they were a hybrid of parts of others similar forks. Any help would be appreciated, also an indication of value as I don't think i need them as spares!
  12. Brilliant, thanks for taking your time to advise me Tom! This is all starting to make sense now. Looks like I'll go 2k primer and top coat and leave it at that, I'm not expecting show room finish as I'm still an amateur but anything will be better than this shite paint thats on it now! I'm not sure when I'll be doing the spraying yet, I think it'll be February at the earliest as I have lots of other issues on the car to sort that I can faff around with over winter. I may be hassling you nearer the time, I hope you don't mind!
  13. Legend, thanks Tom! Just a few more questions if you don't mind? I use 1k poly/synthetic quite a bit on our machines so I am familiar with it, I didn't realise it was bad for mopping though! Is there any way to brighten up a dulled synthetic finish without a respray? I have some electric heaters but I don't think they have the oomph to heat the area (I'll buy a marquee to put in a building so it'll lose heat rather quickly, I could build an insulated spraying room though if i really have to), how much heat is really necessary? Will there be any adverse effects with a lower temp apart from presumably a slower drying time? You mention a wet edge to coke back on, what does that mean? The car is pretty good in most places, a patch to do on one wing and the rear panel needs sanding right back as there was a reaction in the paint a while back. I might whack some better doors on so I'll probably need 5l of paint as they will need doing all over, they are red currently so presumably I'll be wanting a white primer as I'll keep the car Alpine white with black features I think. Should I be using any other sorts of primer on the car? Filler primer may be necessary on some areas, then I presume white primer, colour coat and laquer to finish? Is this mask any good? I don't mind buying new at that price! Devilbiss ProV 650 Ok turns out that doesn't include everything... is this sufficient? Devilbiss filter shite
  14. My girlfriend and I want to do a road trip next year and she has agreed it would be great to do it in the 924. This gives me the excuse to get some of the small and large niggles sorted and get the car presentable as it has been looking very sorry for itself recently! Most of it I know what I'm doing but there are some things i'm unsure of. I want to give it a fresh paint job, I'm sorted for the gun, and compressors but no idea which paint to go for and also which mask I'll be needing. Paint wise, should I be aiming to use a 2 pack paint rather than single? Seeing as it'll be a full respray I can't see a reason not to as the finish and longevity of the paint should be far better? I've not sprayed 2 pack before but it seems fairly similar in processes, just a few more mixing stages. Is there much of a cost difference? I will have an indoor place to spray but no extraction or heating currently, are these things I'll really need to have for these few jobs or will it be a case of I'll need to polish lots more from overspray if i don't? I can heat the area before hand with my propane heater but this may release too much moisture in the air and obviously I can't use it after I've sprayed! I'll be wanting an air fed mask regardless as I need to spray lots of agricultural stuff over the winter and regular face masks are rubbish. What is the best value for money mask to go for? Obviously I'd like to spend as little as possible, but I don't want to sacrifice my health so will spend whatever I need to.
  15. Is there a way of testing the sensor you just fitted? Going from intermittent to on all the time suggests the new sensor could be completely faulty rather than half buggered