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How Do I Overclock My Processor?


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1. Ask yourself *WHY* do you want to overclock?

2. Do you understand the performance gains which you *may* recieve?

3. Do you have high quality hardware, which will be capable of running at faster-than-spec speeds?

4. Do you have sufficient cooling to cool said componants? (I've got WATER flowing around my computer, as air wasn't sufficient!)

Before you do ANYTHING - read. Read. Read!

Check Google.





Loads of others, too many to mention.

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It's probably wrong, saying that it's 34*C.  You have to alter the settings in the BIOS, and unless you know what you're doing, it's probably not worth you trying...

It might be a misconfiguration of MBM5.

MBM5 switches round the System Temp and CPU Temp by default on my motherboard..... which is annoying (N)

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