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Right, the quick and easy guide to touch hops:

- Have the ability to bunnyhop both wheels at the same time (standard shit).

- Introduce yourself to a tiny wall, nothing more than like a foot and a bit.

- Learn to replace/wheel switch/whatever you call it.

- Apply same principles but with added couple of pedal strokes.

- Or skip the replacing and do this:

- Roll along, half pedal so the front wheel is ontop of the wall, then do a double-wheel bunnyhop.

- You'll most probably land both wheels on the wall at first.

- Practise weight shifting techniques to remain on the backwheel after the above manouevres.

That probably makes no sense, but it's exactly how I used to do them. That's the technique for walls you can get your front wheel ontop of, by the way. The "ramming it into the wall" version comes later.

Just watch a load of vids, you'll get it soon enough.

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