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Ebay Selling Vehicle Problem

pashley pro

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Hi there im selling a vehicle on ebay on which you get charged a % fee but not if it doesnt sell but if you end the auction early it deletes all the bids so i was wondering do you have to pay a fee then ?? because ive been made an offer on this and i would end it early to sell to them so what do i do now

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I cant remember all of the stuff, but heres a few things i remember...

eBay charge enlisting fee's anyway.

If you put a reserve, it'l make the price you pay go through the roof, if your reserve gets met.

If you cancle your auction, i think you still pay enlisting fees, but your car wont have been "bought" meaning you dont pay extra charges, and reserve price charges.

I havnt sold cars on eBay for a while now, (let alone anything) but thats what i can remember i think.

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