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hey guys,,

me and a few others was in town today riding and noticed that the local council had bought in for the day a mobile skateparkl to do a little demo/muck around thinng for us to skate/ride etc,,

they questioned trials and what it was and also asked us if we would like a trials/bmx/skatepark to be made as it was origonally just going to be a skate park now they have asked us to draw up ideas of what we would like and to email it to them

this is where you guys at home come into it ... get drawing either cad/pencil/pen w.e

and post a picture of it so we can have some ideas

nothing too mahousive but nothing too small


Cheers for your input people

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there is one set back mind you.

all times you bin moaned at and you say you got no where to ride.

when you do have aplace to ride. whick will get boring aventually you wont be able to ride anywhere else.

because they can now say. yes you have. thus all the beautiful street has gone.


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Here's a quick mock-up of one that Alexx might recognise, he had it in his back garden (lay out from memory (Y) )

^ Relatively compact but lots of lines. © Alexx!

It's maybe not a complete park, but as the first actual layout in this thread, there may be some good ideas to build on :)

The circular thing is a tractor wheel, or it could be a cotten real. What's good is the two central stacks of pallets can be approached from all sides. The lower can be ridden up, side hopped up or form part of a gapping sequence. The higher can be sidehopped if you're getting good, ridden up (if you move the tractor wheel to allow a run up), you can use the pallet ajoining, or the ramp. You can gap up from the lower stack which is seperated by a gap. Thinking about it, the higher stack of pallets, maybe with a lower obstacle/ramp alongside to enable most people to get onto it, creates all the larger dropping moves. You can try and gap drop onto the tractor wheel, or maybe a longer gap could be added.

If you had more space, I was thinking maybe you could fit in some elevated beams for riding along and gapping across. I'm trying to remember the Spalding rig which had them (Y)

Nice to have it on grass - no need to fear bailing!


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