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  1. The CSC system had some interesting ideas, and I've found this original discussion on TF from 2011 which shows some of the areas where many weren't convinced! http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/topic/170511-csc-rim-brakes/page-4 It seems to be available to buy here: http://www.trial-bikes.com/freno-hidraulico-p-536662.html Food for thought indeed!
  2. Cheers Mark! Just been googling for such a bashring but no joy yet!
  3. Here's the Milkyway Gummy bashring from 2011 fitted on both the crank and the BB. I'm wondering what stops the majority of 5mm wide bashrings from being mounted on the BB? Steve
  4. My Aria AMB-35 Semi Acoustic: Steve
  5. The daily bike! Steve
  6. Hi all, Thanks very much for such great suggestions on how to improve these brake systems! I've noted every comment down and the key features are really standing out. Should they be solved by good design I can see it would create a compelling product! There's a bit of a decision over whether to base it on the 2004 Magura (axial) or the 2005 (radial) arrangement. I can see that everyone loves being able to customise their brake for their preferred number of fingers and shape for comfort. Compatability with a wide range of after-market levers is very appealing by making another '05 clone, but would limit the design to be able to stand out from the crowd and make real improvements. Careful consideration is required! One thing is for sure, the 2004 remains the brake lever to beat so it's a good thing that I'm using one on a daily basis! I was wondering if anyone has broken or unused brake lever bodies, levers, slaves which they would be happy to donate for me to examine and help with the designing process? If so, please pop me a PM to arrange. This would be much appreciated! Thanks again, Steve
  7. Dear all, There are 10s of UCI bashrings on the market and the difference between these is mostly about styling preferences, weight and price. I was wondering if there are any needs being un met which could allow some innovation to come in? I've been considering releasing a UCI bashring for a while, but it's been a lower priority whilst there are innovative products to be working on like chain tensioners. Maybe there's something I can incorporate in to re-engergise the design with a unique selling point innovation? As always, thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and experiences! Steve
  8. I was rather fond of this one! Steve
  9. Hi Scott! Great to see a Heatsink 24Uk getting such a loving rebuild! I can supply a heatsink logo vector file if it's helpful in creating a sticker set for the frame, plus plenty of Heatsink standard size stickers are available for you too ) Regards, Steve
  10. Nice bike and the Coust-sinks on the rear are the perfect finishing touch!
  11. Hi all, The Heatsink Bikes website was due a refresh since it was looking rather 2005! When the service provider shut down recently it was the perfect time to start from scratch and create a fresher and easier to use Webshop for Heatsink with a simpler mobile version too for on-the-go convenience. I've had to temporarily step away from the well known www.heatsinkbikes.com since it's stuck on the name servers associated with the old service provider, so for 2015 the site is: www.heatsinkpads.com This what I was aiming for: Simple navigation design to make it easy to browse the range of Heatsink brake pads, chain tensioners, braking components & clothing. Products showcased well via alternative zoomable photos Quick to use and reliable secure shopping cart Great product descriptions to clearly identify the relative merits of the products. I welcome your feedback on what's working and what isn't! Steve Desktop version Mobile version
  12. Hi all, It's Steve from Heatsink, back on the forum after a few years away! I'm keen to expand my product designing into some brake related products which compliment the Heatsink range of brake pads, namely Hydraulic rim brake systems! I thinking of a lever, lever body, hosing, connections, slaves, clamps - Brake pads are already taken care of! I'm sure that you all have more experience and knowledge of using the variety of Magura '05 based brake systems than I do! I would love to hear your experiences and suggestions so I can piece together a possible product specification for what a Heatsink system should look like to fulfil rider needs. From speaking to riders at Tarty Days it appears that there are many great systems on the market but each have their flaws. I'd love to hear your experience on Hydraulic rim brake systems: What you dislike about these systems where they haven't performed as you expected? What frustrates you about the weak points in their design? What improvements do you wish were made? If you can supply photos to clarify that would be excellent! Thanks in advance and I look forward to an interesting thread! The classic '04 Magura! The much imitated '05 Magura! Cast Echo Lever body Racing Line lever body + Trialtech lever Hope Trial Zone lever (Disc) for inspiration!
  13. This is a stunning video Lewis, and I'm pretty sure it will be considered the definitive Radfest video. You can really savour the amazing atmosphere which brings the memories back! Great to meet you and help you out with those Cousts dude! All the best, Steve
  14. I'm coming along. Don't think I'll get on the team but it'll be a good day out and hope to meet as many peeps as possible.
  15. I'm sure Euan Beaden won't mind me sharing this fun video! Big kudos to Matt Spencer for filming & putting it together so well :bow: Check it out!