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  1. Ah, unfortunately the clips don't work since your account is private! Great build post dude :-)
  2. Donated :-)
  3. In those sequin cushions I think you've just found the solution for all those difficult to buy people this Xmas!
  4. I always liked the blue Zebdis! No idea on bar and stem combos, but I found with such a short cockpit on the PX the longer bars were awkward so I've broken the rules and gone for some relatively narrow bars, but then they have to be flat so the brakes can be positioned in the right place so it leads to a rather funny looking set-up with a stem that's trying to compensate for the lack of risers!
  5. Rode the bike to the local town this evening for a trip back in time, mucking about on it in the town centre. Deserted so ideal! The wheelies are coming back! I think they give me more joy than some of the pure trials moves.
  6. Nice one! Martyn will always be my No.1 Trials inspiration!
  7. Great video! You've been working hard on those :-) Timely inspiration. Maybe I'll manage to lean 1 new extra trick in the coming weeks!
  8. I've been busy....The aim was to build it in a form that it'll get maximum use. In a pure Trials spec it'll just sit in the shed! So here we have, 10 speed Shimano Zee mech & shfter, 40t front chainring on RaceFace cranks, Wellgo Magnesium pedals, some modest Shimano MT-200 disc brakes. Now it can be used for some modest trials action, wheelies, and can be ridden between the Suffolk villages to spread the gospel of Trials!
  9. Top Kate Bush songs at the moment, that I enjoy playing on the Piano: 1. Wuthering Heights 2. The man with a child in his eyes 3. Symphony in Blue 4. Moments of pleasure 5. Cloudbusting 6. Running up that hill 7. Army dreamers
  10. Sweet looking bike Sam! I'm particularly liking your chain tensioning solution :-) Oh, and the Vee adapters!
  11. My Trek X-Caliber 7 2019 Used everyday in the Suffolk countryside! Only changes to the original spec (below) is the addition of Crud XL mudguards, personalised top tube stickers, some chainstay protection, 2x bottle cages, lights, Shimano SPD pedals, and replacing the uncomfortable original saddle with a Brand-X Trial saddle https://www.evanscycles.com/trek-x-caliber-7-2019-mountain-bike-EV340613
  12. Loving it!
  13. Hi all, I found this at the back of the shed. A nice little project to get it built up again and get in contact with the olden days, circa 2004! It's going to have a modest disc set-up. Still undecided about the drivetrain set-up. I do like to actually get around from A to B so it may have the sacrilege of gearing. Brace yourselves for it possibly not being historically correct, but rather in a form where it actually gets more use! Steve
  14. Oh! That looks awesome Grant!
  15. The CSC system had some interesting ideas, and I've found this original discussion on TF from 2011 which shows some of the areas where many weren't convinced! http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/topic/170511-csc-rim-brakes/page-4 It seems to be available to buy here: http://www.trial-bikes.com/freno-hidraulico-p-536662.html Food for thought indeed!