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Speeding Up My Pc

pashley pro

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hi there people im trying to speed up my pc im told that norton utilities would help is this true and is it really worth getting and ive also been told that this ad aware programme would help can some one please help me out and and try and explain what they do sorry to be abit retarted but im not very good with computers. thanks for the help

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I have Norton System works and its not that bad at speeding it up, I just use the de-frag thing with it.

But the new microsoft anti spyware beta thing is very good, you can get it from Here

It will remove spyware which will speed up your pc.

Also stopping programs running that you dont need will also help.

In the run dialog, use type in msconfig, if your not a confident windows user or services.msc (i think) if you are, and turn off a few things that you dont use.

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Norton is notorious for eating up resources.....

How much RAM do you have?

What speed processor?

I used to run NAV in XP (when I had it..), and then switched to Kaspersky.

I did some back-ground reading (we all got to start somewhere!) on registry tweaking, and tuned XP beyond belief.....

:: Phaze ::

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