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Leeson Forks


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I have got them on my new Leeson.

I like the 360 drop out, and so far they seem pretty good on the stiffness side of things. I have had just a week though, so i cant realy write a review as such.

I think you will find they are heavier than alot of forks around at the moment, due to them being made of steel, although they are lighter than pashleys (or so i'm told).

When i ordered mine, it seemed asthough clive didnt want to sell them to me (Y) He told me that they are exactly the same geometry as pashley forks, although because they are lighter, he says they are probably slightly weaker, Which is made up for in looks (Y)" :o

So far, i would recomend them, but like i said, i have only had them a week, so i cant comment on strength atall :)

Hope i have helped.


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